Can you cheat an online proctored exam?

Universities across the globe are increasingly offering online courses. While this has been lauded as a positive move, one challenge has been maintaining academic integrity more so when conducting exams.

To address the challenge, most institutions of higher learning are now offering proctored exams to ensure academic integrity.

But how effective are these proctored exams? Can you cheat a proctored exam? We also see to find out how to cheat an online exam. Find out

Can you cheat an online proctored exam?

Yes, it is possible to cheat an online proctored exam using any software that allows remote access to your personal computer.

Using the software, you will give another person access to your computer who will help you complete the test or exam.

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What is a proctored exam/test?

A proctored exam is an online timed test that you take using a proctoring software.

The software is able to monitor your personal computer’s webcam video and audio. The data collected is then sent to a proctoring service for review. This digital form of assessment will allow you to sit for an online test or examination from any location in the world.

The software has monitoring capabilities to minimize cheating. There are different types of proctoring they include:

Live proctoring

Live proctor tests work like a normal exam and the only difference is that it is conducted online. Here, there is a designated individual (online proctor) who sits and watches over you as you complete the test.

Like a physical invigilator, he or she will intervene whenever they notice any suspicious activities. And just like taking an exam in a classroom setting, the invigilator (online proctor) has the power to intervene and take action whenever they see any attempts to cheat.

For this type of test, arrangements have to be done prior so as to have the invigilator online when you are ready to take your test.

Subsequent proctoring

Here, the proctoring software will take videos and audios, and even images as you complete the test. Once the test is completed, the images, videos and audios collected will be sent for review.

The reviewer will then go through the data to determine if there were any attempts to cheat. The reviewer will then file a report and indicate if there was any were any instances of cheating.

The main advantage with this type of test is the fact that you can set your own time and decide when to take the test. You don’t need to schedule the exam.

All you need to do is login and proceed to complete the test whenever you feel ready.

Automated proctoring

Just as the name suggests this is a type of test where the monitoring software is programmed to detect any instances of cheating when you are taking an exam.

The software is able o automatically detect when there is another person in the room, or any attempts open a different software or device is being operated.

The software will alert the proctor, who will be able to review the evidence and take any appropriate action.

How does a proctored exam work?

how to cheat an online test

Before taking the test, you will need to download and install the proctoring software on your personal computer. The installation instructions will be provided by your institution.

Your chosen computer will have to meet certain requirements like space, have the webcam and audio devices work perfectly.

Once successfully installed, you will have to identify yourself by using the provided login details to access the software. The software will then proceed to verify your identity by taking a photo of your face, and also at the same time scan the room where you wish to take your test.

Remember different institutions will have different rules and regulations and even restrict the room that you can take the exam from. Make sure you follow all the rules provided by your institution.

When taking the test, the software will take live and audio feed and relay this information to your proctor. The proctoring software will also be able to monitor our computer to find out if any illegal software that might facilitate cheating are running.

After completing the exam/test, your instructor will proceed to mark the test. However, for the test to be successful and the results to be validated, the data from the proctoring software has to be reviewed and if any there were no cases of cheating or attempted cheating, the results will be relayed to you within the shortest time possible.

How to cheat a proctored exam; A step by step guide

Now, I am sure you are asking how can I cheat on a proctored exam?

  1. Well, for this method to work, you will need someone else who will be able to complete the test on your behalf.
  2. The individual should be well versed with the subject area covered in the exam. They should also be adequately prepared by going through the course material beforehand.
  3. You will then need download and install the remotepc software. You can use the trial version for starters.
  4. The person who is to take the test for you should also install the remotepc software on their computer.
  5. Once installed, you will then be able to connect the 2 computers remotely.
  6. At this stage, you will give access for the person you want to take the test for you access to control your computer remotely.

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NB: Please see a video tutorial on how to set up and use remotepc at the bottom of this page.

This is the best and sure way to cheat in an online proctor exam. You will be able to beat the software without any detection.

You will pretend to be doing the test, while in real sense someone else is remotely doing the test for you.

Your online proctor will not be able to tell whether you are cheating.

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Proctored exam vs unproctored exam main differences


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Both proctored and unproctored tests are timed. However, I find that unproctored exams (mostly multiple-choice exams) are heavily timed.

This is done to limit the time that the student can have to confirm answers online or use their notes. For instance, a 40-question multiple choice test maybe limited to 60 minutes only. Leaving the student with roughly a minute to attempt each question.

Screen mirroring software’s maybe used for unprotoctored tests. However, proctored software’s are designed to detect and report any mirroring software’s being used by the student.

Mobile phones and small devices a particularly Bluetooth devices, can be used in an unproctored exam. However, the same cannot be used in an online proctoring test.

Remember, the proctor can see a live feed of the student and can be able to detect any unusual behavior and also see the device being used.

Impersonation has been a huge concern for unproctored exams. A person across the globe with a VPN can complete a test for anyone. However, proctoring software have made this a non-concern.

Before the exam can commence, the student’s photo is taken and this is compared with the photo of the student on file. As such it is impossible to impersonate anyone. Unless of course you have an identical twin.

How to pass an online exam

Before the exam

How to pass an online test

Like any exam, you need to study the course material provided by your instructor.

You also need to have notes and revise adequately before attempting the test. You can also try taking practice exams if available.

You can email your instructor to find out if there is a possibility to take a practice exam.

You also need to understand the exam guidelines provided. You need to confirm the test date and time and ensure you make time an hour or two before the test to make sure everything is ready before attempting the test.

The 2 hours will help you check if your personal computer is working properly. It can be really frustrating to prepare for an exam only to find out minutes to the exam that your pc is not working properly.

Also check and ensure that your Wi-Fi is working properly. If not, the 2 hours will allow you to contact your ISP to sort the issue and if they are not able to swiftly solve the issue, you can make arrangements to complete the test elsewhere.

After checking that everything is working perfectly, you will need to find a goof spot to complete the test. A perfect spot will be free from all distractions TV, the kids, pets etc.

During the exam

It is important to keep track of time, by ensuring good time management. You might have had known the number of questions beforehand.

As such, you need to ensure you don’t spend too much time on one question.

You can use logic in the case of multiple-choice exams, by eliminating the obviously incorrect answers.

Then weigh the answers that you think your instructor is looking for, further eliminating more choices as you work through the answer.

Ensure you have ample time towards the end to go through your answers and also go back to those questions you might have skipped or simply wanted to revisit.

Ensure everything is saved before submitting your work.

In case of any technical difficulties when taking the exam, please contact your institution ASAP, backed with the necessary evidence to avoid getting a falling grade.

Final Thoughts

In this blog we answer the question: can you cheat on an online proctored exam? We also explain the different types of proctored exams while giving tips on how to prepare for a proctored exam.

Good luck.

Please check a tutorial on how to setup remotepc