How do professors know if you use chegg?

Chegg is an online learning platform that seeks to empower students to gain control of their studies. The company helps students’ study, prepare for exams, accomplish their goals, master complex subjects and improve their grades.

The company also specializes in textbook rentals (both digital and physical). In addition to this, the website also provides homework help and provides textbook solutions.

Chegg also has solutions ready for some problems which have already been completed by their tutors and are available to you once you pay their subscription fees.

Started in 2005, the company has grown in heaps and bounds and currently boasts of having over 3 million subscribers. This makes it one of the most popular websites among American students.

While most of their services are full proof, their homework help and textbook solutions services remain the elephant in the room. Most students ask, how do professors know if you use chegg? Find out

How do professors know if you use Chegg?

Professors will know if you use chegg by running your work through a plagiarism detection software in most cases turnitin. If you copy the answer word for word, chances are turnitin will flag your works as copied. In addition, if you use your personal details to register to chegg, your professor will contact chegg and in most cases chegg will give out your personal details.  

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Will my professor know if I use Chegg?   

Essentially, if you use Chegg only as a study guide chances are your instructor will never know if you used the service.

However, if you take the work completed by Chegg tutors and submit it as your own, your instructor will know that you copied the work from an online source particularly if your institution uses either Turnitin or SafeAssign to check similarity.

Remember these tools will scan the world wide web and also their own databases to check for similarity. This enables professors to see those who copied a solution from chegg.

If you are asking this question, chances are you just searched for a solution to your problem, and Chegg came in the searches. However, for you to view the solution, you will need to pay for the service. However, the only question in your mind is: can my instructor tell if I use Chegg?

Many instructors know the existence of Chegg and some have even subscribed to Chegg just to see if their students’ cheat. On the other hand, some do not care, but will try to constantly change quiz questions to ensure that their students do not cheat.

If the textbook solution can be found online, and you submit it to your instructor, then yes, they will know you used Chegg as Turnitin will flag you for plagiarism.

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Can Chegg see who viewed a question?

Yes, chegg can be able to see who viewed a question. Chegg can be able to collect the ip address of the device being used to access a particular question.

In addition, they have access to your email and billing address which can be used to tell when you view any solution on their website. 

However, this should not concern you as they will not release this information without being asked to. However, if your professor or institution asks them to provide this information, they are bound by the law to provide the details of all those who viewed a particular question and solution on their website.

Remember chegg is a publicly listed company and are regulated heavily by the federal government.

Does Chegg notify your school?

Chegg will not notify your school unless the are asked by your institution to provide this information to aid in an ongoing investigation. So, in the event your school suspects you of plagiarism, they may ask chegg to provide information regarding the people who viewed their solutions. 

You should be careful when choosing which websites you choose to assist you with your homework. Some websites will snitch on you while others will protect you incase of any investigation. Choose wisely.

Can you get in trouble for using Chegg solutions?

Most of the solutions in Chegg if not all have been already submitted by other students. As such, copy-pasting the solution word for word, will definitely be flagged for plagiarism and this will surely get you in trouble with your institution.

On the other hand, if you use the solution as a study guide and work on the solution yourself then your instructor will not know whether you used the service.

If you are to use their service more so to complete homework, use it sparingly, this means that you will also do some background research to also find out if the solution being offered is correct.

You can add more information by conducting more research or omit information that you feel is not correct and, in this case, you will not get in any trouble for using the service.

However, be sure to cite properly whenever you use someone’s work which is not your own. Remember avoiding plagiarism is not only having your paper with a low similarity index, but also citing relevant sources which you used to complete the paper.

As such, be sure to cite properly to avoid violating the academic integrity code which can get you suspended or expelled in extreme cases.

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Is using Chegg considered plagiarism?

If you use Chegg as only a study guide then it is not plagiarism but in case you use the material to complete the assignment please be sure to give full acknowledgement by citing. 

Will my professor know if I use Chegg?
using chegg plagiarism

According to Oxford University plagiarism is the act of presenting someone’s else work as your own without:

  1. Their approval
  2. Without full acknowledgement

This covers, all published, not-published, printed or non-printed material. Oxford university further contends that while plagiarism maybe intentional or unintentional it is still regarded as violating the academic integrity.

From the above definition we can further interrogate whether indeed using Chegg solutions maybe considered as plagiarism.

First you have to ask for permission to use their work and once the permission is granted you have to further give acknowledgement that indeed that is not your own work and its someone’s else.

So, if you are planning to use Chegg, please be sure to include acknowledgement.

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Is using Chegg to do homework considered plagiarism?

Essentially, copying an answer from Chegg and submitting it as your own is considered cheating.

This is because this was not your own work and incase you use the work you need to acknowledge the person who completed the work by citing properly.  However, if you are not ready to do this then, it means you are using Chegg to cheat.

This might not only get you in trouble with your professor, but you might end up expelled or suspended by your institution if your instructor decides to take action and report you.

Does Turnitin check Chegg?

If you are using Chegg chances are the solution or paper is already on the internet. It is important to note that Turnitin will scan the world wide web when checking for plagiarism.

As such, if you are copying a solution, chances are that you will be flagged for plagiarism.

Institutions of higher learning take plagiarism very seriously and most use Turnitin to check the similarity index and determine whether a paper is plagiarized or not.

However, if it is a numerical solution, chances are that Turnitin will not flag you for plagiarism.

Does safeassign check chegg?

does safeassign check chegg

Yes, safeassign will check chegg if you copy the assignment solution word for word and submit it to your instructor as your own work.

Safeassign runs all papers submitted via its own database and the world wide web, having the solution online will only mean that another student might have submitted it and the solution is already available on the internet and this will be flagged by safeassign. 

Is using Chegg considered cheating?

Using Chegg only as a study guide is not considered cheating. However, if you use the same and copy the solutions and submit as your own work, then that is considered cheating.

Additionally, if you use Chegg to complete your homework without giving credit to the author of the work then that is equally considered cheating.

The material should only be used a guide to help in the mastery and understanding of the topic. Just like tutoring helps you grasp content and understand the topic, students should only use Chegg as a guide to avoid getting caught cheating.


Chegg is one of the most popular used websites by American college students. As such when we get questions like: how do professors know if you use chegg, will my professor know if I use Chegg, can chegg see who viewed a question, does chegg notify your school, can you get in trouble for using chegg solutions, is using chegg considered plagiarism, is using Chegg to do homework considered plagiarism, does Turnitin check chegg, does safeassign check chegg and is using chegg considered cheating, we are not surprised.

Copying chegg solutions can be flagged for plagiarism by turnitin or safeassign. Chegg can also be able to see who viewed a question since they require you to provide an email and billing addresses when signing up.