Can SafeAssign detect QuillBot?: Can SafeAssign Detect Paraphrasing?

Plagiarism has always been a major menace in the academic world and publishing sector. After being caught having submitted plagiarized papers, numerous professional writers, researchers, and students have found themselves in a tight spot.

With the widespread technology globally, this menace is spreading at an even more tenacious rate, with people using paraphrasing tools like QuillBot.

Nevertheless, different companies have come up with exemptional software to help publishers, librarians, professors, and the students themselves to fight this menace.

Plagiarism detecting and prevention software like SafeAssign have proved themselves to detect poorly paraphrased content that exhibits similarities with their source.

This article asks and answers critical questions like; can SafeAssign detect paraphrasing? Can SafeAssign detect QuillBot?

What is SafeAssign?

SafeAssign is an effective plagiarism-detecting and prevention software that checks for similarities between the submitted writing pieces and the existing papers. It does so by comparing the submitted essays against its massive paper repository of previously submitted work, published articles, and other internet sources.

The software employs robust artificial intelligence to detect even the slightest text matching.

After comparing the submitted work against the already existing databases, SafeAssign generates a plagiarism report that indicates the level of similarity in work.

This report shows the percentage level of plagiarism with 15 percent and below indicating low levels of plagiarism; 50 percent represents medium plagiarism, while a score of 75 percent and above indicates high levels of plagiarism.

In addition, the SafeAssign plagiarism report highlights the matching texts in blocks and even shows the sources of such texts.

It is crucial to mention that educational institutions are among the most prominent users of SafeAssign. Their confidence in this software can be attributed to several factors that include;

  • SafeAssign is very effective as a plagiarism detecting software.
  • The software is an efficient educational tool with educators using it to teach students crucial writing skills like a citation.
  • SafeAssign helps the institutions develop and maintain institutional confidence by successfully fighting plagiarism and cheating.

Can SafeAssign Detect QuillBot?

SafeAssign cannot detect plagiarism in a paper that QuillBot has produced. QuillBot employs a pretty robust artificial intelligence that paraphrases any paper and makes it plagiarism-free. It does so by replacing key phrases with synonyms, altering sentence structures, and adjusting the writing tone and style.

In the end, the software produces a unique paper that SafeAssign cannot detect.

SafeAssign detects plagiarism from the submitted papers by checking for similar phrases and sentences. If similar sentence structures coincide or words appear in your paper as they appear in an already existing document, then SafeAssign will flag your work for plagiarism.

However, QuillBot eliminates such possibilities by paraphrasing the paper effectively. This denies SafeAssign a chance to detect similarities in such a paper.

Nevertheless, it is always vital that you go through the work yourself before you submit to give it a human touch. Remember, even if SafeAssign does not detect any problems with the paper, an experienced professor will have no difficulty identifying a paper that has been written by a student and that a writing bot has produced.

Therefore, proofread and edit the paper where possible and cite the sources you have borrowed the content.

How Does QuillBot Beat SafeAssign?

Different stakeholders perceive QuillBot as one of the best paraphrasing tools, thanks to its competence in generating high-quality, plagiarism-free content.

The software’s capability to reword, check grammar, and summarize leaves your piece of writing unique and spotless, and no similarity-checking software, including SafeAssign, can detect it.

Premium QuillBot integrates multiple aspects that help it be comprehensive, trustworthy, and comfortable to use. These features include a Vocabulary Enhancer, Word Flipper, Summarizing tool, Editor Interface, Application Programming Interface, Extensions, Grammar Checker, and add-ons.

The writing bot comprises seven Quill modes that turn your document refined and of high quality. These modes include standard mode, formal, fluency, shorten, expand, creative, and creative+.

Can SafeAssign Detect Paraphrasing?

SafeAssign has the necessary mechanisms to detect paraphrasing. The software has an unparalleled and robust text-matching algorithm that traces matching content that is either exact or inexact. This feature puts SafeAssign in a perfect position to detect paraphrased content in the submitted document.

SafeAssign detects bad paraphrasing. The paper produced by a lazy student whose sole idea of rephrasing is to replace some words with synonyms is an outstanding example of a poorly paraphrased document.

Furthermore, a poorly paraphrased paper is authored by a student who changes word forms, sentence patterns, and writing style but does not cite their sources.

However, it is almost impossible for the software to flag a well-paraphrased paper. Such rephrasing involves writing the content from the original document independently using your own phrases, tone, and writing style.

Below is a list of some of the basic techniques that could help you paraphrase any paper and turn it into a new piece of writing;

  • Conduct extensive research by reading and rereading the original paper. This move helps you master the main points and form a picture of the general message of that article.
  • After reading the content, go ahead and write your paper; write the main points and explain them in your own unique words, sentences, tone, and style.
  • Proofread your work and edit, comparing your work with the source paper to check for possible similarities.
  • Finally, cite your sources and include a reference page to acknowledge the original author.


So, can SafeAssign detect Quillbot? After reading this article, you agree that SafeAssign cannot detect QuillBot. This is because QuillBot employs effective artificial intelligence and has proved to paraphrase any content pretty comprehensively.

Nevertheless, SafeAssign remains one of the best and most used plagiarism detection and prevention software today.

It would be wise to remind students, researchers, and professional writers that using other people’s work and submitting it as your own is cheating. The practice is unethical and is, hence, punishable.

Therefore, avoid laziness and write your own paper, and in the instance where you have to use someone else’s work to support your own, ensure that you acknowledge them for their work.