Anki Vs. Quizlet: Which is Better?

Attending lectures and holding group discussions as a part of your study plan is essential in the study life of every individual student. However, the amount and quality of private reading make the difference.

Every person is aware that a lot of the academic content students learn at their various schools needs memorization, whether it is equation formulas, medical vocabulary, different quotes, or historical dates.

Today, in the digital era, different education-related companies have come up with multiple solutions to assist students in making the best out of their private studying sessions.

Companies like Anki, Quizlet, Cheggflash cards, Brainscape, Cram, and Memrize have introduced mechanisms to aid memorization and repetitive study.

In this article, we will compare Anki vs Quizlet to help you as a student or an educator select the platform that works for you best.

Anki Vs. Quizlet

Anki is a study platform that incorporates digital flashcards and spaced repetition to aid students in improving their quality of study while minimizing the time they spend studying. This platform is mainly used by people who wish to learn new languages and medical students.

On the other hand, Quizlet is a platform that aids studying through digital flashcards, online practice assessments, matching games, and live quizzes. Educators can also use this platform to prepare simple and effective study materials.

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So, you might be asking yourself, which is the better platform between the two. This article will employ six points, namely the ease of flashcards creation, study modes, user Interface, the cost of service, and compatibility, to compare the two platforms and assist you in choosing the better program.

  • The Ease of Flashcards Creation

In Anki, you can either create new flashcards or use the existing flashcards that other platform users have created. Anki’s flashcards are designed to include two sides, the front and the back. You type the terms or short questions at the front and their definitions and answers at the back. After creating the flashcards, you organize them into decks for convenient access. Anki allows you to include images and sounds in your flashcards.

Quizlet enables you to create new flashcards within seconds. You can either write new information on your flashcard or copy-paste such material from the source document on this platform. Adding images on your Quizlet flashcards is also enabled. Additionally, just like Anki, you can access other pre-made cards and use them in your study.

Comparing the two in terms of the ease of flashcards creation and access to pre-made decks, Quizlet is the better platform. It enables you to create new flashcards in the shortest time. Additionally, Quizlet has more pre-made flashcards than Anki.

  • Study Modes

Anki offers its users only one study mode; the classic flipping of digital flashcards. The flashcard displays a single term or question, and you have to press the ‘show answer’ button. The card then flips for you to read the information at the back. You will do so repeatedly with your other flashcards and even the pre-made ones.

On the other hand, Quizlet offers multiple study modes, namely flashcards, learn, write, spell, and test. It also involves the use of games like match and gravity. Flashcards mode enables you to flip your cards to access different materials. In learn mode, learners can answer written or multi-choice questions severally.

Write mode offers the users terms and requires them to write their definitions and vice versa. The spell mode provides learners with words and requires them to spell them correctly. Match mode has a grid with scattered terms and demands learners drag the terms and put them against their correct meanings.

Finally, in gravity mode, a definition of a term scrolls downwards, and the student must type the proper term to the description before it reaches the bottom.

Quizlet is better than Anki when comparing the number of study modes, the two offer their users. This is because it offers multiple modes compared to only one Anki offers.

  • User Interface

Most users who use Anki describe its user interface as basic and outdated. Anki’s interface is not aesthetically pleasing, but it is easy to navigate. The platform’s design focuses more on functionality rather than an appealing nature.

Its simple design displays all your decks, and when you click on a particular one, it presents the flashcards in that deck. Creating new flashcards and accessing the pre-made ones is pretty straightforward, with the ability to include images and sounds on your cards made easy.

Quizlet’s user interface is aesthetically pleasing and also more user-friendly. Its users describe its design as pretty modern and intuitive. Navigating its page is so simple that performing tasks like creating new flashcards, accessing the old ones, and entering the study modes is unproblematic. The platform employs a minimalist design with the integration of several colors to help users locate the different features quickly.

Comparing the two platforms in terms of the user interface, Quizlet is the better platform. Quizlet’s design is more aesthetically appealing and easier to navigate.

  • The Cost of Service

Anki does not charge its users to access most of its features and services. The android and web versions are free to all of its users. However, you have to pay a fee of 25 Dollars if you wish to enjoy its iOS version. Therefore, for a person with a tight budget, Anki is the platform to use.

On the other hand, Quizlet extends its new users with a seven-day trial period when all its services are free. However, when the free trial period is over, you will have to pay a monthly subscription for either the Quizlet Go option or the Quizlet Plus option. For the Go option, you will pay a fee of 2.99 Dollars per month or part with 3.99 Dollars for the plus option.

Anki is the cheaper option when you compare the two. Therefore, if the price of the services holding other factors constant is your main concern, Anki is the platform you should select.

  • Compatibility

A vital factor to look at when comparing the two flashcard-making platforms is their compatibility with various technological devices. The Anki program is compatible with multiple technological gadgets, such that it has a mobile app version for its phone users and a web version for those with laptops and desktops. These versions include AnkiDroid for those with Android gadgets, AnkiDesktop for computer users, AnkiMobile for those with iOS devices, and the AnkiWeb, the web version of this program.

Equally, Quizlet can be integrated into both iOS and Android devices. However, unlike Anki, you cannot access Quizlet using the internet explorer. Therefore, if internet explorer is your primary version, consider trying other browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.

Comparing the two platforms in terms of compatibility with different devices, Anki is the better platform. You can access Anki with all browsers and in different versions.


As mentioned earlier, memorization is vital in achieving content mastery and retention. Therefore, utilizing an online learning platform like Anki or Quizlet in your study life is called for. For this reason, this article tries to shed more light on these platforms by comparing Anki vs Quizlet.

As a student or a course instructor, feel free to employ the features explained above in selecting the one you find best. Additionally, make the best out of the program you choose so that you can reap its full benefits and better your studies.