How to Cheat on ProctorU Exams

The conventional way of learning has always been for students to sit in a classroom with a tutor teaching them physically. However, this norm has changed due to the technological advancement in most learning institutions, especially in high schools and colleges worldwide.

Today, students do not need to attend physical classes. Armed with a computer and stable internet connection, such learners can undertake distance learning in the comfort of their various locations.

This development means that students can also sit for their exams remotely. Institutions have, therefore, employed the services of online proctoring software to invigilate students who sit for the online exams.

An excellent example of such software is Proctor U. This article offers you a straightforward guide on how to cheat on proctorU exams.

How to Cheat on ProctorU Exams

Exam cheating has been a rampant problem globally, regardless of whether students undertake the exams in classrooms or online. Nevertheless, different education stakeholders, especially those that support traditional classroom learning and testing, argue that online examinations have escalated cheating cases.

In a move to reduce these cheating cases, one would ask; how does the online proctoring software like proctorU work?

First, to sit for a proctorU examination, you should have a valid identification document, such as a national ID, passport, military identification card, or driving license.

This software employs a webcam and a microphone to record the exam candidate’s surroundings. A human proctor monitors the student during the exam using video and audio recordings. Additionally, proctorU records the student’s keyboard, system, and screen activities to deter cheating.

However, even with all these anti-cheating mechanisms in place, there are techniques that students can employ to bypass these mechanisms and cheat on the proctorU exams. These techniques include;

  1. Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is one of the most effective techniques if you wish to cheat on a ProctorU test. The chances of getting caught are pretty slim. With this technique, a family member or a friend may give a hand and help you answer the exam questions. You might be wondering how in the world that is possible. Well, it is not as complicated as you may be thinking.

This cheating method is made possible by the existence of a second external screen and an HDMI cable. Screen sharing enables you to connect your computer screen with the other external screen by using the HDMI cable. Remember, you should place the second screen away from the webcam view, the best option being in another room.

With your screen mirrored, the person in the other room can access your computer’s monitor and see your test. They will search for the answers to the exam on the internet and send them to you secretly without raising unnecessary suspicion. If you are willing to take the risk, you may have them connect an external USB keyboard and mouse so that they can type the answers for you. However, they should be out of the webcam’s view.

An excellent alternative to screen sharing would be using a projector. You project your computer screen on a wall away from your webcam’s view. Then, you can have friends or family accessing the projection, looking up answers, and passing them to you secretly.

  1. The Old School Cheating Methods

The old school cheating techniques are pretty simple to implement yet so efficient in cheating ProctorU online tests. Such strategies include; writing short notes on a piece of paper or a body part such as your palm or thighs, carrying a textbook into the examination room, wearing sunglasses, or having your notes on a poster and putting it on the wall.

The webcam used with the ProctorU software monitors your body movements, especially your eye and hand movements. Therefore, the human proctor checking the video feed will mainly concentrate on your eyes and hands during the test. However, since the webcam does not capture the other angles of your surroundings, this gives you an ample chance to employ any of the cheating techniques mentioned above.

When using the old school methods, be careful not to trigger unnecessary attention from the human proctor. Ensure that you appear confident enough and avoid sudden eye and body movements to shun any suspicion. Otherwise, the human proctor will be quick enough to find out that you are checking somewhere else, hence cheating.

  1. Impersonation

Impersonation is one of the most popular methods students use to cheat proctorU and other online proctoring software. The technique involves the students hiring professionals or other people to undertake the online exams on their behalf. It is crucial to note that impersonation can occur in two different phases. The two stages include before the online examination or during the exam.

Before you sit for a proctorU examination, you should produce an identification document to confirm your identity as a legitimate candidate for the test. Impersonation before the exam happens at this stage. You can go around this authentication process by sharing your login information with the hired impersonator before the examination commences. Some students even go to extra lengths to alter their identification documents to ensure that the impersonator is not detected.

The second stage of impersonation happens after the authentication stage. Remember, there is no other authentication process once the test commences. Here, you can leave the system and pave the way for the expert writer you hired to progress with the paper and submit the test after completing it.

There is a slim chance of the proctorU software or the human proctor finding out in both cases.

  1. The Use of Tech Gadgets

With the numerous technological advancements come small and sophisticated tech devices. Such devices are perfect if you wish to cheat on the ProctorU exam or any other software proctored test. All you need to do is sneak them into the exam room, which is not hard to do mission.

Some of the most preferred tech devices include Bluetooth devices, programmable scientific calculators, smartwatches, smartphones, or small microphones and earpieces. A programmable scientific calculator, a smartphone, or a smartwatch can help you store crucial information that you may need during the test.

Such information includes mathematical and chemical formulas or notes in PDF form. On the other hand, devices such as microphones, earpieces, and Bluetooth devices may help you communicate with your accomplices outside the exam room.

  1. Intercept Your Webcam Video Feed

This technique may be for those students with proficient computer skills. However complicated, it is one of the most comprehensive and safe methods to cheat on a proctorU exam.

It involves placing software that acts as a virtual webcam between your actual webcam and ProctorU. When the proctoring software tries to pull the feed from your webcam, it gets the feed from the virtual webcam that you can control through the installed software.

Use your webcam to record yourself in front of your computer. On this recording, avoid doing anything that you would keep off during the actual online test. Let the recording be that of a perfect examination environment.

When you sit to do the ProctorU test, set the webcam software to play the video you recorded before the exam and send it as your feed. Since the human proctor will see the recorded video as your actual feed, you can use the time to search for answers to the test online.


After reading this article on how to cheat on Proctor U exams comprehensively, there is no doubt that you are in a better position concerning the topic. As an exam candidate, ensure to employ the above techniques carefully and consciously to avoid getting caught.

Nevertheless, it would be wise to remind you that cheating is unethical. You will face severe consequences for infringing core schools and regulations when you are caught. Therefore, to avoid the trouble that may come with getting caught cheating, study your courses well enough so that you can have the necessary confidence to answer the test questions.