Can Paraphrasing Beat Turnitin?

Paraphrasing means restating the context of a text, written or spoken, by applying different words. The main goal of paraphrasing is to offer a greater understanding of the text. We also paraphrase to avoid plagiarism.

Turnitin, on the other hand, is software that checks the originality of a text. This tool crosschecks for citation errors and improper copying intending to curb plagiarism and similarity of writings.

In simpler words, paraphrasing tries to prevent plagiarism while Turnitin detects plagiarism in a text. So one might ask; Can paraphrasing beat Turnitin? To find out, kindly read through this article.

Can Paraphrasing Beat Turnitin?

Paraphrasing can beat Turnitin. The algorithms applied by Turnitin rarely trace paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing alters sentence structures, parts of speech and applies synonyms to non-generic words. When such alterations are made, your content becomes original and plagiarism-free.

It, therefore, becomes extremely difficult for Turnitin to detect any similarities in your content.

Since paraphrasing is meant to keep Turnitin’s score very low, it can certainly beat it.

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Can Turnitin Detect Paraphrasing?

If Paraphrasing is not done thoroughly, then Turnitin will indeed trace it. That is, if you alter some words in a text and leave others unchanged.

A good example is when you use the synonyms of some words and fail to modify the sentence structures.

Turnitin hosts a large repository of previously written essays, research papers, thesis dissertation in its database. The software applies powerful and efficient algorithms that will flag off your article if plagiarism is detected.

Avoid verbatim plagiarism by writing the content in your own words. When you do so, Turnitin can only detect a lower percentage of plagiarism.

Best Paraphrasing Tools to Beat Turnitin

  1. QuillBot
  2. Spinner Chief 6
  3. Chimp Rewriter
  4. Paraphrase Online
  5. WordAi
  6. Pre-post SEO
  7. Spin Rewriter
  8. QuillBot

This is a professional tool with the ability to reword both simple and compound sentences. Quillbot is so effective that no plagiarism detector software can trace plagiarism in your work. Quillbot incorporates a paraphraser that uses AI to restructure your phrases while maintaining the context.

This tool carries an AI-catered thesaurus to select the proper synonyms when rewording. Additionally, Quillbot offers a grammar checker and a summarizer to enhance your rewording experience.

  1. Spinner Chief 6

This tool can make your text unique and free from plagiarism. Spinner Chief 6 employs Statistical Replacement Technology (SRT) to introduce a suitable statistical synonym. It is the best tool when you intend to develop multiple articles in a short period.

This tool is the only software that offers both web and desktop versions. You are enabled to use the two versions when you purchase them.

  1. Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is a great article spinning, as well as a paraphrasing tool. This tool contains a natural language processing feature that completely rephrases your sentences.

Anchor-text spin, N-spin, list ordering, bulk directory rewrites, and random ordering are additional tools in Chimp Rewriter software.

Chimp Rewriter employs natural language and AI to grasp the undertone of a text before fully paraphrasing it. This feature guarantees that readers can understand the formed text.

  1. Paraphrase Online

With this tool, you can correctly paraphrase any sentence, paragraph, or article. This tool has been simplified enough to be applied by newbies with no technical experience, students, or professionals.

To help you paraphrase your content effectively, Paraphrase online contains a native reword generator.

  1. WordAi

WordAi yields unparalleled texts that are of high caliber while maintaining the relevance of the original text.

This paraphrasing software applies artificial intelligence. To clearly grasp the basic undertone in a text and rephrase it accordingly,

With one click, you can work on multiple articles because WordAi allows for bulk spinning.

WordAi enables paraphrasing in multiple languages. Apart from English, the tool can reword in Italian, Dutch, French, and Spanish, among many other languages.

  1. Pre-post SEO

This software makes use of elevated algorithms that apply unique synonyms to your work to make it plagiarism-free.

You will be able to navigate this tool with so much ease because of its simplified interface. Its simplicity makes it popular with newbies, students, and freelancers.

When using this tool for paraphrasing, you can comfortably copy and paste from the web instantly. It does so without impacting you’re the form of your keyword.

  1. Spin Rewriter

With the speedy growth, Spin Rewriter has experienced, this tool has become one of the most used paraphrasing software. Over 180,000 across the globe users employ the Spin Rewriter to paraphrase their content.

The Emulated Natural Language (ENL) is the spinning technology this software applies.

This technology produces content that is unparalleled and of high quality while maintaining its originality.

Is Quillbot suitable for paraphrasing and avoid plagiarism? 

Quillbot software is suitable for paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism. The software employs state–of–the–art AI to modify your sentence and paragraph structures effectively.

However, you have to be careful when using quillbot for essays and research papers as sometimes the text might appear not to be natural. In that case you are better off buying your essay online and have it written by a qualified scholar from sctrach.

Using the in-built thesaurus, Quillbot helps you alter specific words by replacing them with the most suitable synonyms. These synonyms will leave your writing completely paraphrased and original.

When you subscribe to Quillbot premium, you are enabled to access the impressive Word Flipper. This feature enhances your vocabulary by more than 90 percent.

Therefore, Quillbot is extremely fit for paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism.

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Does Quillbot Work for Turnitin?

Quillbot can beat any plagiarism detector software, including Turnitin. Quillbot paraphrases a text word-to-word and turns it entirely into new content.

However, be sure to proofread the work to make it look more natural or else your instructor might know you used a paraphrasing toool to complete your work.

Quillbot gives you the option to use the following modes; Fluency, Creative, Creative +, Standard, Expand, Shorten, and Formal.

These modes are so effective to the extent of outfoxing any plagiarism detector, including Turnitin.

If this tool is applied correctly, it is nearly impossible for Turnitin to flag the writing off.

Can Turnitin Detect Paraphrasing from Quillbot?

Turnitin cannot detect paraphrasing from Quillbot. Quillbot is able to make a paraphrased text look unique which makes it hard for turnitin to detect. 

Quillbot prevents verbatim plagiarism and duplication of articles. Turnitin cannot, therefore, detect paraphrasing from Quillbot.

However, if Quillbot paraphrases multiple articles from a single source, then Turnitin will detect the paraphrasing.

How do you Remove Similarity from Turnitin?

  • Cite the sources you use. Cite your sources well to avoid plagiarism by using either footnotes or endnotes.
  • Paraphrase your work thoroughly. Apply your phrases to interpret a text. Note that Turnitin can still detect synonyms if the synonyms are similar to the primary source.
  • Apply quotation marks. To avoid plagiarism, make sure that you apply quotation marks with every word, sentence, or paragraph you quote from a source. Double quotation marks remove similarity in Turnitin.
  • Switch the language. Replace familiar characters with those from other languages. When you do so, Turnitin treats your work as foreign and therefore fails to trace similarity.
  • Hire an essay writer. You can hire an a reliable essay writing company and request them to edit your paper to remove turnitin similarity.

What is the Acceptable Percentage of Turnitin?

A score of 15 to 30 percent is widely conceived as a standard score. With such a score, your proffessor cannot flag off your essay  because of plagiarism. 

No similarity score has been defined to be accepted universally. Different instructors and institutions accept different ranges of percentage scores of Turnitin.

For amateur reports or assignments, a 40 to 70 percent similarity score is accepted. However, a Turnitin similarity score of less than 10 percent is widely accepted for professional research articles and journals.


So can paraphrasing beat tunitin? Paraphrasing reduces the similarity of your text to your source; only if it is executed correctly and thoroughly.

However, be sure to go through the work to ensure that looks natural by proofreading the text. If this is too much for you, you can choose to buy an essay online from a reputable essay writing company.

This article provides you with a detailed and correct answer to this question. The answer is a yes.