Do professors accept late work?

For one reason or the other, you find yourself behind schedule completing your essay, research paper,  term paper, or course work and you ask yourself: do professors accept late work?

You are probably locked out from submitting your paper especially if you submit assignments via an online platform.

It might be that final paper carrying a huge percentage of the points. You just can’t see yourself passing the course if the paper is not submitted and graded.

Well, in this blog, we have all the answers you have and will hopefully help you submit a late assignment successfully.

Do professors accept late work?

Professors accept late work if you have a good enough reason and you are ready to provide necessary supporting documents to prove your case. For instance, if you were unwell, your instructor may accept late work if you are able to produce a medical note from your physician. 

Also, if you misunderstood the requirements and did the wrong thing, you can contact your instructor via email and attach the wrong paper you did asking that you be allowed more time to re-do the paper.

Whatever the reason, always make an attempt to complete the essay or assignment as you are waiting for a response from your instructor. If are unable to complete the assignment please see our cheap homework help services.

While you should remain confident that your professor will accept the late assignment, you should also be aware that your instructor has the autonomy to refuse to accept the late work.

You might find this to be extremely unfair but such is life- it can be unpredictable and you should ensure that you beat all odds next time to complete your essay or paper on time.

How do I get a professor to accept late work?

You can get a professor to accept late work by writing to them beforehand or afterward and explaining yourself as to why you want to be allowed to submit your assignment late. Remember, you should attach any necessary documentation- if available to help you with your extension request. 

Remember to always notify the instructor beforehand whenever possible. This will show the instructor that you are responsible and serious.

However, if it was an emergency like serious sickness or death in the family you can email your professor and explain yourself.

Remember professors too are human and they too have emergencies that affect their work and schedule.

Do not shy away from explaining yourself.

How to ask the professor to accept a late assignment?

You can write an email to your professor explaining the reasons why you should be allowed to submit an assignment late. Below is a template that you can use to ask your instructor for an extension. 

Dear Profressor XXXXX,

Kindly accept my sincere apologies as I will not be able to submit my assignment due to (INSERT REASON).

This unforeseen incident has affected my ability to have the assignment completed on time.

Kindly allow me 24 more hours to complete the assignment.

I promise this will not happen again.

Thank you for your understanding



If your reason is good enough your instructor might allow you to submit late.

Rule of thumb: Always try to email your instructor before the deadline lapses. This way you will be able to negotiate better.

How to apologize for handing in homework late

You can apologize for handing in an assignment late by writing to your professor and apologizing for submitting homework late. In addition, give the reasons why you submitted the work late, and also ensure that you promise that will never happen again. 

An email is the most professional way to contact your instructor and apologize whenever you submit homework late.

Also, ensure you state any valid reasons as to why you you were late with homework.

You can also attach any documents like a medical note in case you were hospitalized or had an emergency.

As stated earlier, instructors are human too, and if you have a very good reason and you apologize they might be compelled to accept a late delivery.

What do you say when you submit something late?

You say that you are sorry that you are submitting late, you state the reason and if the assignment is not yet ready you can also include the time you need to complete the assignment. You also promise that this will not happen again. 

Ensure that show remorse and regret for submitting late. Avoid being rude or vague.

List any reasons and also include any supporting documents.

Be honest, do not try to make something up that you cannot back up. This might land you in more trouble.

Is “no late work” a common policy?

“Mo late work” is a common policy in college. In college, students are taught to have firm deadlines and stick to them. However, some college professors might accept late work but deduct some points from the final grade.

Abiding by rules in college is always good. Some professors do not accommodate late assignments unless you contact them before the deadline lapses and provide a good reason why they should allow you to submit an assignment late.

Illness, accidents, death in the family are just some of the more serious reasons that “no late work” policy instructors might consider before allowing you to submit an essay, research paper, term paper, homework, or assignment late.

Different universities have different late assignment policies.

Can professors not accept late work?

Professors can choose not to accept late work if they have a “no late work policy” and also the student does not give them a good enough reason as to why they should be allowed to submit late.

Also requesting to submit an assignment late -after the deadline has lapsed can also lead to an instructor not accepting late work.

As such, it is paramount that you contact your teacher in advance and give good reasons to be allowed to hand in an assignment late.

Why should late work be accepted?

Late work should be accepted for the following reasons:

  • Refusing to accept late work is denying students an opportunity to learn.
  • Some students have full-time jobs, are parents, are taking several classes, or perhaps have other obligations.
  • To encourage students to submit late papers that they are proud of, rather than on-time papers that need more work.
  • To avoid low GPA’s
  • Give penalties for late submission instead of “no late work” policy

How do I convince my teacher to accept late work?

You can convince your teacher to accept late work by being honest and giving the true reasons why you were not able to submit your work on time. Lying and submitting work late might not go well with your instructor if they find out you lied.

Always work hard to ensure that you submit your assignments on time.

If for any reason you feel you will not be able to beat the deadline, feel free to contact the instructor before the deadline has lapsed.

Explain yourself by giving valid reasons and negotiate for a new deadline.

Bottom line

Due to various reasons beyond our control, we might find ourselves late with assignments and we ask ourselves: do professors accept late work?

Teachers accept late work but always ensure you contact them beforehand, state your reasons and attach any supporting documentation. Remember to state when you would like to be allowed to submit the assignment.

Some will accept, some will accept and give a penalty- particularly if they feel reasons are not good enough and some will just refuse.