Really Struggling to Write an Essay? Tips To Get You Started

Essay writing can sometimes become a complicated task, especially when you lack enough confidence in your writing skills. Some students consider this activity so hard that studies indicate that about 16 percent of them cannot write credible essays independently. This percentage is willing to pay online writers to write for them essays for any given topic.

Whether you are a student or a professional, remember that experiencing writer’s block during essay writing is expected, and you should not panic.

Therefore, this article discusses why you are really struggling to write an essay and the strategies you could adopt to become a better essay writer.

Why is it so hard for Me to Write Essays?

As earlier mentioned, writing a complete, legible, and credible essay is not an easy task. Even the best writers can attest that composing a good essay is not a walk in the park.

However, some people write essays without much more struggle than others. Below is a list of reasons why you find it hard to complete an essay.

  • You Are Rushing Through the process

Essay writing is a process that requires you to brainstorm and research the topic, develop a thesis and an outline for the essay, write the essay, proofread, and edit.

Remember, each of these steps requires adequate attention and time. Therefore, when you rush through or bypass any of these steps, you can be assured that the writing process will be more difficult.

  • Unhealthy Perfectionism

The fact that you are a perfectionist is a good reason why you are struggling to write essays. As a perfectionist, you will often find yourself trying to replace words and phrases in your paper to make it perfect, which can be very exhaustive.

In the end, you will find yourself overwhelmed and annoyed by the writing process, which can deter you from composing the essay at all.

  • You Don’t Focus on the Essay Question Properly

Deliberating and researching your essay’s topic is one of the most vital steps to effective essay writing. If you are a student, you focus primarily on pleasing your teacher and getting a good grade and forget about the primary objective of your essay question altogether.

If you are the type, you will often find yourself lost along the essay writing process, which makes essay writing more time-consuming and generally more challenging.

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  • Lack of Writing Confidence

Most of us lack the confidence to communicate verbally, but some of us lack confidence in writing. Lack of confidence to communicate through an essay might be why you find it hard to write an essay.

For example, you feel like you cannot spell some words, make many grammatical errors, or feel like your points do not ‘hold much water’. If you are a person who considers your writing techniques inferior, then composing a full-blown essay will be hard for you.

  • You Do Not Practice Writing Consistently

You cannot excel in something that you don’t practice often. Remember, practice makes perfect. If you have an inconsistent writing schedule and you are out of practice, then writing a complete and sound essay will be a challenging task for you.

When you stay for long without writing, your research skills and typing skills will depreciate so that whenever you try writing an essay next time, the process will be harder for you.

What Do You Do When You Are Struggling to Write an Essay?

First, it is vital to remember that whether you are an experienced or an amateur writer, it is okay to experience writer’s block.

The important thing is what you decide to do next after getting stuck. Below are techniques you could apply when struggling to write an essay and get back on track.

  • Start Composing the Essay Soon Enough

If you struggle to write an essay, make sure you start composing it as early as possible. For example, if you are supposed to submit an essay in a week, do not wait until its two days to the deadline.

This gives you ample time to research your topic, compose coherent arguments, and proofread and edit your essay appropriately before you submit it.

  • Moderate Your Perfectionism

As earlier said, you are struggling to write the essay because you are trying to be too perfect. As a perfectionist writer, you will often find yourself championing excessive caution, which will limit your essay writing capability significantly.

In such a case, try to be flexible and avoid overthinking. Instead, work on the ideas before stressing on precision.

  • Don’t Panic and Begin Writing

In the beginning, you will have disjointed thoughts that might make you panic before you start writing the essay. However, the secret to overcoming this struggle is to begin writing.

When you begin, thoughts and supporting sentences start forming. Even when the arguments are inadequate at first, you can always go back and rectify them.

  • Brainstorm and Freewrite on the Topic

If you are experiencing writer’s block, one of the best ways to go about that is brainstorming and freewriting on the topic.

Think and write about anything on the subject without considering whether it is grammatically relevant or not. Through this, you may find inspiration or the right topic to write about.

  • Change Your Environment

Maybe it’s your environment that is making you experience writer’s block. If you feel your surroundings is uncomfortable and limiting your ability to write your essay creatively, move to a new location.

Go to a peaceful environment, for example, outdoors where there is fresh air and sunshine.

How Do I Force Myself to Write an Essay?

The urge to procrastinate, writer’s block, or fatigue can always hinder writing a good essay. However, how do you force and motivate yourself to write the essay even if you don’t feel like it? The pointers below indicate crucial tips to help you with that.

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  • Find a quiet environment

Look for a writing spot free from distractions, an environment that motivates you to be creative and helps you keep focused on the essay.

For example, try writing when you are outdoors where you get a feeling of nature and reduced distractions such as your phone or the TV.

  • Set yourself writing goals

Set a writing goal and stick to it. Your goal could be how many words you should write or the amount of time you should spend on your writing daily.

A set goal stays in your subconscious and evokes a regenerated passion for meeting the goal. Therefore, you could refer to the goal and get on with the writing whenever you feel demotivated.

  • Reward Yourself

Remember, rewards boost motivation. So a practical way to force yourself to write the essay is by promising to reward yourself after writing.

Gift yourself with whatever brings you joy, and I can assure you that you will write the essay wholeheartedly.

  • Get help

Sometimes, some advice or a little push is all the motivation you need.

For example, you could consult your friend, tutor, or a professional writer whenever you are stuck during essay writing. Such people will help you get new writing ideas or help you point out mistakes.

  • Set a deadline

A set deadline is one of the most effective motivators. Therefore, estimate the time you could write the essay, set a deadline and force yourself to meet the deadline.

Setting a deadline will force you to dedicate some time every day to complete the essay.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 3000-Word Essay?

There is no standard time that one can take to compose a 3000-word essay entirely. For example, one writer would take hours while another one would take days. Typically, the time one consumes to write such an essay is a subject of the complexity of the essay’s topic and the writer’s research and writing skills.

An essay whose topic is not as complex will take you less time to compose than an essay covering a technical subject. For example, a topic you are conversant with will take you less time in research and spend less time writing the full 3000-word essay.

In addition, as a writer, your research and typing skills will dictate the amount you consume to complete the 3000-word essay.

For example, a seasoned essay writer with proficient research and typing skills would consume hours to complete the essay. However, an amateur writer would take days to compose a similar essay.


By reading this article, you get to know that really struggling to write an essay is fine. Fortunately, you are not the only person who faces such problems.

However, the best action to take in such a scenario is to take control of your situation, get your writing resources together and start writing.