Are Essay Mills Legal?

The unrelenting debate about the legality of essay mills is a critical point of discussion in the academic sector. You are probably there struggling with your essay, and you don’t want to hire the services of an essay mill because you feel like going against the law.

The below article will address the question ‘are essay mills legal?’ Additionally, we will give you a detailed insight into how they work. Read on and settle your doubts.

Are Essay Mills Legal?

Essay mills are legal. By seeking their services, you get a straightforward guide to what you are writing about, and hence, you are not breaking any law.

Essay mills employ some of the best writing talents across the world to help their customers tackle even the most stubborn papers.

With this, you are assured of getting a high-quality paper at an affordable rate.

However, be careful to avoid fraudsters who employ unqualified writers who end up messing your paper.

Ensure you only hire the services of a professional essay writing company. 

Are Essay Mills Site Illegal?

Essay mills are not illegal. They are legal and run their operations just like other service providers.

Like any other company, essay mills pay taxes and are not illegal.

While a huge majority are primarily run online, some have physical offices. But let’s face it, chances are, you are not going to visit an office to place an order for an essay.

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And for this reason, most essay mills are online companies.

Is It Illegal to Buy Essays Online

It is not illegal to buy essays online. No law prohibits you from acquiring an essay online. It only becomes illegal if your professor realizes that you have not crafted the paper.

Do Essay Mills Work

Essay mills work. They work by hiring academicians from all over the world to complete essays for their clients. If you use a legit service, you are assured of getting a high-quality paper.

You are only required to create an account and order your essay. After the specified duration and making necessary payments, you get a custom paper crafted according to your instructor’s instructions.

 How Do Essay Mills Work?

Essay mills provide the ultimate platform for you to get original content not crafted by you. You outsource the work. From 2014 to date, approximately 16% of college students around the globe hired someone else to write essays for them. That translates to around 31 million students.

We have sufficiently answered the question ‘are essay mills legal?’ Our focus now shifts to the inner working of essay mills. Read on to find out.

Features of an Essay Mill

  1. Website

Essay mills operate through a dedicated website and customer emails. To make an order, visit the website, create an account and fill out the order form. You can also communicate with the administrators via chat for more inquiries.

  1. Management

They are the people responsible for the smooth running and operations of the company. The management is responsible for hiring writers, ensuring smooth financial transactions, database, and website management, and acting as the bridge between the clients and writers.

  1. Writers

These are people responsible for crafting your essays. All writers in an essay mill pass through a rigorous hiring process. They undergo a series of tests aimed at proving they are professionals.

Writers must have certification from a high learning institute, most preferably a degree, Masters or Doctorate.

  1. Payment Mechanisms

Essay mills provide a payment mechanism that allows clients to deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts. The methods of payment vary across various essay mills. Most of them use card services and online platforms like PayPal and Payoneer.

  1. Editors and Proofreaders

When your writer completes your essay, they forward it to a team of editors and proofreaders who review the work to ensure it meets all the specified instructions. They also ensure that the work is authentic and free of plagiarism.

Process of Ordering an Essay

  1. Provision of Details

You fill out an order form that includes detailed instructions from your professor. The details include:

  • Order title
  • Number of wording
  • Formatting and reference guidelines
  • Timespan

You also provide a valid email address that gets used to generate your account. In the paper instruction field, include relevant links and resources to get a more accurate paper.

  1. Choose Your Writer

Browse writers’ profiles, reviews, proposals, and rates to get a writer that sufficiently meets your requirements. You can chat with them directly through the website’s messaging platform and hire your preferred professional. However, there is a bidding system that recommends you the most qualified writer.

All writers in an essay mill have a specific area of specialization, complemented by years of experience. High-level writers boast of better work quality. Writer’s reviews are genuine because they get provided by existing customers.

  1. Track Your Essay

Essay mills allow you to track the progress of your project by checking the status, process history, and real-time communication with your writer. Direct contact with your writer via chat allows you to discuss any challenging points, change or add instructions.

You also have the privilege of getting notifications when your draft is ready, check and manage available funds and make additional orders.

  1. Get the Final Product

You get the finished essay for you to review. It allows you to evaluate whether the writer has met all the instructions. Afterward, you leave feedback for your writer, and you only get to pay if you get satisfied with the essay.

All existing drafts get stored in your account, where you can download them at your convenience. You can forward your complaints or revision requests within a specified duration. The duration differs across the various essay mills available on the internet.

Is Using Essay Mills Cheating

Using essay mills is not cheating. When you order an essay from an essay mill, you get a final draft that acts as a guide when writing your essay.

Is Using Essay Mills Plagiarism

Using essay mills is not plagiarism. Plagiarism involves submitting copied work which is not the case for essay mills since the draft you receive is original. Some people may argue that it is cheating, but there is no way of showing that it was written by someone else.

Can Turnitin Detect Essays from Essay Mills

Turnitin cannot detect essays bought from an essay mill. The Turnitin system only detects plagiarized work, and since all papers from an essay mill are authentic and written from scratch, there is no way it can detect them.


Are essay mills legal? Like earlier mentioned, no laws prohibit the existence of essay mills. One thing is for sure though, they have been in place for some time now, and they are here to stay for the foreseeable future. There will always be a debate about the integrity of essays provided by college students, but without enough proof, it will remain just that – an unending argumentation.