Can SafeAssign Detect Paraphrasing? Can Paraphrasing Beat SafeAssign?

Plagiarism has been a menace that professors from different learning institutions worldwide have been trying pretty hard to eliminate. However, students keep coming up with new cheating techniques that even plagiarism detecting and preventing tools as SafeAssign find hard sometimes to detect.

Nevertheless, the use of such tools as SafeAssign has enhanced this fight against plagiarism because of the many students it has caught trying to submit plagiarized papers.

This platform compares the submitted papers against its massive database of documents on the internet, the previously submitted papers in institutions’ archives, and its global reference database. It does so to identify portions of overlapping content and similarities.

Considering this platform’s efficiency, one may still ask; Can SafeAssign detect paraphrasing? Stick with this article to the end to get an answer to this question and find out more about this software.

Can SafeAssign Detect Paraphrasing?

SafeAssign is not able to detect paraphrased content.

Remember, this software has a unique and effective text-matching algorithm responsible for detecting exact and inexact matching content. Therefore, the tool has the ability to find matching strings of words and phrases that match their source documents.

However, poor paraphrasing is what SafeAssign detects. An excellent example of a poorly paraphrased paper is the one written by a lazy student whose main idea of rephrasing is replacing some words with their synonyms.

In addition, a document written by a student who paraphrases some sections of the paper by altering word forms, sentence structures, and the writing style but fails to cite their sources is a poorly paraphrased paper.

SafeAssign will definitely detect an essay that has not been properly paraphrased like the ones explained above.

Can Paraphrasing Beat SafeAssign?

Paraphrasing is a sure way to beat SafeAssign. Effective paraphrasing is the most effective and safest way to beat plagiarism, detecting and preventing software such as SafeAssign.

Such paraphrasing involves expressing the content from the source material independently in terms of sentence structures, tone, word choice, and style.

Below is a list of paraphrasing techniques that will help you avoid plagiarism and, therefore, beat any text-matching tool, including SafeAssign.

  • Read the content from the source document several times to help you better grasp the primary ideas that you will include in your piece of writing. As you continue reading, note down those main ideas on a different medium, such as a word document or a piece of paper.
  • Write a draft of your paper by describing those primary points in your own words. Remember to use different wording, sentence structures, tone, and style of writing.
  • Go through your work and compare it with the original paper to ascertain that you presented the content uniquely and appropriately. Reread your text severally to point out mistakes in the paper, such as similar-looking words and phrases and misinterpreted points.
  • Cite your sources appropriately after paraphrasing to ensure that you credit the author from which you borrowed some of the concepts. This move enhances your paper’s originality so that even if SafeAssign generates a high similarity score after submitting the paper to this platform, your professor will not flag you for plagiarism after seeing the citations. If the paper you are writing is an academic paper, ensure that you include a reference page at the bottom of the page.

Can SafeAssign Detect Paraphrasing Tools?

SafeAssign cannot be able to detect paraphrasing tools. These paraphrasing tools are so effective in transforming potentially plagiarized content to make it original again. No text-matching tool will be able to detect any form of similar content in such a text.

Remember, SafeAssign is used as a policing tool to identify sections that a student may have been potentially plagiarized. Still, it is also employed as an instructional tool to enhance students’ citation and paraphrasing skills.

It is vital to note that SafeAssign utilizes numerous databases from which it compares the papers submitted. They include sources from the internet, published articles and essays, and repositories containing students’ papers. After submitting your paper on this platform, it produces an originality report that indicates the matching text’s total percentage and possible sources.

If it is a situation where your professor has allowed you to check your paper before making the final submission, you will be better positioned to rephrase the highlighted sections. After revising the paper, you can now resubmit the paper. After revising, you can be assured that your article is plagiarism-free, and no text-matching software will detect the paraphrasing.

Can SafeAssign Detect Quillbot?

SafeAssign cannot detect Quillbot. Quillbot is considered one of the best paraphrasing tools by students and professional writers because of its efficiency in producing high-quality, plagiarism-free content. Its ability to paraphrase, check the paper’s grammar, and summarize makes your article to be of high quality that no text-matching software, including SafeAssign, can detect.

It is vital to note that this platform incorporates multiple features that help it be competent, trustworthy and easy to maneuver. These features include a Word Flipper, Editor Interface, Summarizing tool, Grammar Checker, Vocabulary Enhancer, Application Programming Interface, Extensions, and add-ons.

In addition, it contains seven Quill modes that leave your paper polished and of high quality. These modes include standard mode, fluency, formal, creative, creative+, expand and shorten.

When all the features mentioned above combine, you can be assured that your text will be plagiarism-free to the extent that SafeAssign and other text-matching software cannot detect.

Can SafeAssign Detect Spinbot?

SafeAssign cannot detect Spinbot. Just as Quillbot, Spinbot is a trusted and widely used paraphrasing tool because its efficient.  This platform is so effective in paraphrasing content that only seven percent of its rephrased content has been traced by text-matching software. This proves its ability to produce high-quality and unique content.

Nevertheless, you should be pretty careful when using online paraphrasing tools like Spinbot. This is because although text-matching tools like SafeAssign may fail to detect sections of possible similarity, a seasoned professor may notice that you have used a paraphrasing tool to generate the paper.

Remember, Spinbot does not give your article a human touch which means that although it paraphrases the text, that text may lack a consistent flow of ideas.

Therefore, ensure that you proofread the piece of writing and edit where necessary before you submit it to SafeAssign. By doing so, you can identify the mistakes that Spinbot might have left out and rectify them accordingly to ensure that both SafeAssign and the professor will not detect any possible patches of plagiarism.

Does SafeAssign Work for Quillbot?

SafeAssign does not work for Quillbot. As mentioned above, Quillbot is one of the best paraphrasing tools because of its ability to produce high-quality and unique papers.

If you have subscribed to its premium plans, you can be assured that your paper will be plagiarism free and SafeAssign cannot detect it. Consequently, ensure that you proofread the paper and edit it accordingly where possible to enhance its quality,


So, Can SafeAssign detect paraphrasing? By reading this article, you can agree that SafeAssign and other text-matching tools cannot detect paraphrasing when it has been done effectively. Therefore, as a student, ensure that you rephrase your work and cite your sources before you submit to avoid trouble.

You should also be careful when choosing to use paraphrasing tools as they can make the final essay not presentable. As such your instructor, maybe able to tell that you used a paraphrasing tool to compose your essay.

Be warned.