Is it wrong to buy an essay?

There are many factors to consider before a student decides ask: is it wrong to buy an essay? 

They include time available, workload, language understanding, a balance between academics and social life, etc.

Many people out there have bought their way into academic excellence.

A rich kid uses their money to buy essays online and achieve good grades. A student who is struggling academically and wishes to even their performance will hire a cheap essay writer.

It is, therefore, not wrong to buy an essay. If anything, it evens the odds for all students.

Is it wrong to buy an essay?

Essentially it is not wrong to buy an essay. If your purchase an essay from a reputable company, they will write the essay from scratch and also use credible sources. As such you will receive a plagiarism free paper and your instructor will never know you bought the paper online.

Below are the reasons why it is not wrong to buy an essay:

1. Quality

is it wrong to buy an essay

A quality paper shows your lecturer that you have an understanding of the topic.

The way you write and describe your key points helps in convincing the tutor to give you higher marks.

It is not an easy task for some students.

When you buy an essay online, you get a quality essay composed of the following;

  1. Correct formatting. Professionals format the essay according to the referencing style listed in the instructions.
  2. Free from grammatical mistakes. It has well-constructed sentences, proper punctuation, and no misspellings.
  3. Coherence. Ideas flow logically throughout the essay. The essay is relevant and in context.
  4. Authenticity. The essay is free of plagiarism, and unique because the experts write from scratch.
  5. Well outlined sections. Include an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction gives the reader an idea of what the subject entails. It contains the thesis statement. The body then describes the key points, and the conclusion complements the thesis.

If you are struggling with quality, order your essay online. You will be assured to get an essay that meets the above qualities.

2. Enhance your academic excellence

Let’s admit it! Not all students are good at writing essays.

For example, consider a foreign student who has challenges speaking and writing the native language. Or a student who is good at sports, but struggling in academics.

Others are struggling to keep their grades up because they have part-time jobs. The only choice they have, to excel academically, is to buy an essay paper online.

They get quality work and earn themselves a good grade.

3. Balance your school life

There is more to school life than reading and writing papers.

There are co-curricular activities (sports, clubs, and societies), social interactions, and in some cases, part-time jobs for upkeep. If you are smart you can balance all these and have a good time in school.

However, balancing is difficult. You may find yourself giving more attention to sports, rather than academics. It should, therefore, not come as a surprise if you forgot to complete a paper (you may have several essays to write).

Failure to submit the essay on time will earn you low grades. Also, you are likely to fail if you write the essay quickly and submit a low-quality essay.

To get a good balance, you can buy a quality essay online and get a good grade. This will help you focus on other activities that will contribute to your overall academic performance.

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4. Originality

is it wrong to buy a research paper

Ever been in a situation where you have written your paper, but upon submission, it is rendered plagiarized?

It is frustrating. So, why risk submitting a paper that you are not sure is original? It is justifiably right for you to buy essays cheaply.

Buying an essay guarantees you receive original work. Websites to buy essays have proofreaders and editors who ensure that your essay is in context.

Plagiarism checking tools are used to guarantee authenticity.

5. Inadequate research resources

Some schools and colleges have many students, but inadequate resources. Some subject areas like medicine require extensive research.

With inadequate resources, some students are left out to find their own ways of completing the essay.

The student’s best move is to buy an essay cheap that is well researched by the professional. The professional will reference and cite legit sources.

Professional essay writers have access to online premium libraries and when writing papers, they use these sources which are mostly unavailable to students.

Some sources that you need to complete your research paper may not be freely accessible.

This might force you to rent to buy the book and then read it. But when you buy an essay, your essay writer will take all that burden from you.

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6. Short deadlines

The end of the semester is usually a very busy time in school. Lectures give assignments in the form of essays in a bid to complete the syllabus on time. The student, therefore, has a lot of essays to write, but little time available. The best way to beat a short deadline is by hiring a professional essay writer

It will save you quality time and you will hand in your paper on time.

7. Unfamiliarity

There are many types of essays. There are argumentative, persuasive, descriptive, narrative, expository, etc. Many students have written a few of these types.

They still have a lot they haven’t tried. In some cases, you may be instructed to write an essay you are unfamiliar with. For example, writing a persuasive essay for the very first time.

It is tedious. Most essays use specific vocabulary and words. Failure to use them degrades your essay.

Hiring a reputable essay writing company guarantees you to receive an essay that is clear and in context. Do not risk submitting an essay you are not sure of.

8. Consistent low grades

Some students struggle in academics and consistently get low grades.

most schools advocate for good grades, then it would be right for you to purchase an essay and improve your grades.

Writing poor essays shouldn’t be the reason you fail to graduate.

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9. Insufficient knowledge

Learning is gaining new knowledge to add to what you already know. Many essay assignments need you to research what you do not know.

This is difficult for some students. There is no better way of dealing with this than hiring a cheap reliable essay writing service with years of experience, who will match you with an expert in your study area.

10. Cover your flaws

The main reason for giving assignments and marking them is to gauge the level of student’s knowledge. If your essay has many flaws, then you get a lower grade.

There is no perfect essay, but you can ensure that yours is better. You can purchase an essay written by a professional.

They will construct your sentences correctly, check the grammar and spelling mistakes, and cite references.

11. Cheap

Buying an essay online is easy and cheap.

Online essay services are readily available. Here, you buy your essay at an affordable price.

You get a quality essay and value for your money.

12. Emergency

There is no way of predicting how tomorrow will be. Sudden changes in our day-to-day life e.g. falling sick, call for desperate measures. So if you have an emergency, the only way to ease your essay workload is to buy your papers.

Bottom line

So is it wrong to buy an essay? Buying essays is a well-established tradition, especially in colleges. This is because most students have a lot of things to do.

It is an important phase in life, where you get to decide your future. To balance your academics and social life is hard.

You may also have the time to write your essay but have no idea how to write a research proposal for your dissertation.

Going a step further and seeking help from a professional is not wrong. You will buy an essay that is well-researched and written by an expert.

In the end, everyone has their own opinion on whether it is ethical to buy a paper. One thing is for sure, there will always be valid reasons to justify essay-buying.

If you decide to buy one, choose a genuine writing service. Your grades will improve.