How to Write a 5-Paragraph Opinion Essay

Most essay writers often confuse persuasive essays and opinion essays. The author of a persuasive essay seeks to persuade the reader to share his viewpoint. As a result, they try to persuade the reader to agree with their viewpoint by using facts, reasoning, definitions, and examples.

On the other hand, in an opinion essay, the author expresses their opinion and backs it up with details, arguments, and examples without attempting to persuade the reader. Here, the author’s opinion may either support or be against the topic. However, they must provide evidence to support their arguments in both cases.

Most opinion essays are usually in the standard format of five paragraphs. Therefore, this article explains how to write a 5-paragraph opinion essay. Stick around and gain more knowledge on writing such an essay.

How to Write a 5-Paragraph Opinion Essay

A personal viewpoint essay is an integral component of the educational process. This type of essay will undoubtedly be present regardless of where you study. It forms an excellent instrument for teaching learners to express their thoughts and positions rightfully.

Such essays test their ability to convey their thoughts, competency in writing skills, and mastery of the topic on which they are writing their opinion. Therefore, there is a strong reason for any learner to work on their opinion essay writing skills. Below is a five-step process that you can use to write the standard 5-paragraph opinion essay.

  1. Brainstorm on the Topic

When writing lengthy essays, you are either given a topic to write on or the option to select your own. Always choose a topic you are familiar with if you are given the last opportunity. You can list various interesting topics and choose the one you feel most strongly about.

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After choosing a topic, it is time to choose the side your opinion will support, for or against. You can then harness a straightforward brainstorming method: draft each and everything you know about your selected topic. Write all the ideas about the topic until you exhaust them in your mind. Here, do not be mindful of your paper’s structure or the grammar you use.

Remember, from brainstorming; you clearly know whether your opinion will be for or against the topic. You use these ideas to brainstorm the main points you wish to convey in your essay. Furthermore, these ideas form the basis of your in-depth research.

  1. Conduct Your Research

You decided on your topic and which argument you will support. After that, you begin your research by gathering all the data on your topic. It would help to gather more than you’ll require for this phase. Remember that getting rid of extra stuff is far simpler than creating new content from nothing.

You will form your viewpoint in this step. Remember, it has to be informed and fully developed. Therefore, keep asking yourself why as you construct it. What makes you think something is true? Do you have evidence to back it up? Have you heard the same tales from other sources?

Research the topic further by utilizing primary and secondary sources. This is if it rings true to you, yet you’re not convinced why. You will locate the evidence somewhere if the opinion is credible.

Additionally, now is a good time to look into any oppositional theories or points of view. By including these, you demonstrate thorough investigation in your essay. However, ensure you convey them in a manner that still advances your position.

  1. Formulate an Outline

Note that nearly 70% of the work in an opinion essay is achieved after creating a well-thought-out outline. Now, you only need to bridge the language to connect your points. Below is an illustration of what the outline in your 5-paragraph opinion essay should look like.

  • The introductory paragraph. Here, the essay requires you to state the subject matter in a catchy way. It is also the section where you formulate your thesis statement.
  • The first body paragraph. In this paragraph, write the first reason why you agree/disagree with the topic. It contains your first supporting argument and explanation by employing your words.
  • The second body paragraph. This paragraph contains the second reason why you agree/disagree with the topic. It contains the second supporting argument and an explanation of the argument using your words.
  • The third body paragraph. It contains the third and last reason why you agree/disagree with the topic. You include your third supporting argument and its explanation in your own words. It should also contain a sentence that connects the conclusion.
  • The conclusion paragraph. Your opinion essay’s conclusion offers a thorough summary of all you said. A concluding statement that provides a wide or general response to the question should also be included.
  1. Write the Draft

The time has come to write! Remember that a rough draft is named that way for a reason as you get started. Note everything down. As you’re editing, you’ll have time to polish it and give it a pleasant feel.

This phase has the advantage that you should already be conscious of which concepts to include in each paragraph. It’s now simply a matter of completing the gaps and offering the evidence you should have gathered as a result of your investigation.

Try grabbing the reader’s attention in the opening paragraph with a provocative statement, followed by one or two ideas that support it, and finally, the ending line, which is almost always your thesis.

Choose one main idea for each of the three body paragraphs. This will serve as your first line, followed by supporting details, anecdotes, and explanations. Next, bring each paragraph to a close to facilitate the transition to the following paragraph and, ultimately, to the conclusion.

The main goal of the conclusion is to restate all of your significant points and arguments from the essay. The last sentence of the entire essay is a crucial component. Your point is made, and you want the reader to reflect for themselves. It may take the form of a straightforward statement or a rhetorical question.

  1. Proofread and Revise the Essay

After completing the draft, please ensure that you proofread your essay. This is a stage that most writers forget or ignore. However, it is one of the most important steps of writing an opinion essay. Ensure that your entire essay follows your thesis statement.

Is your opinion clear and understandable? Are your arguments and facts well-defined and arranged? Similarly, does every supporting argument have its own evidence? Does the layout concur with the 5-paragraph outline? Is your essay free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors?

After you confirm that your essay meets all stipulated requirements and is free from errors, you can now submit it. Request an acquaintance or a family member to read your essay before you submit it. Have them read the full document and mark any areas that seem weak or ambiguous. After that, please spend some time editing your essay to make it as strong as possible.


This article has comprehensively explained how to write a 5-paragraph opinion essay. It has stipulated a five-step guide to help you with the writing process. Please utilize this information and better your skills. All the best in your future essay-writing endeavours!