Does Turnitin Check Quizlet? Can Turnitin Detect Flashcards?

Issues to do with plagiarism have always been a major concern in different institutions of learning such as high schools, colleges, and universities. It is a prevalent issue in the publishing arena too. Plagiarism is a serious form of cheating because it involves submitting someone else’s published work as your own without giving them the proper credit.

In the recent past, due to the introduction and widespread of the internet, professors and publishers are more comfortable because they can easily check for cases of plagiarism in submitted works.

This has been made possible after the development of plagiarism detection and prevention software like Turnitin. These platforms have helped solve many plagiarism cases and, therefore, contributed in a huge way to curb plagiarism.

However, does Turnitin check Quizlet? Kindly read this article to the end and answer this question, among many others.

Does Turnitin Detect Flashcards?

Turnitin does check flashcards. Therefore, avoid copying and pasting content from any flashcards-making applications because when your professor passes such work through Turnitin, the software will flag the work for plagiarism.

It is vital to note that plagiarism detection and prevention software such as Turnitin employ effective mechanisms and algorithms to help text matching.

These algorithms are pretty efficient in finding similar streams of text in your answers by comparing to the billions of web pages in Turnitin’s massive database, including flashcards from different flashcard-making platforms.

Does Turnitin Detect Quizlet?

Turnitin does detect Quizlet. When you copy any content from this platform and paste it into your paper, be assured that your professor will find out when they pass that paper through Turnitin.

This software will generate a similarity report indicating a high percentage of similarity score in your paper. Upon close examination, it will not be challenging to find out that you lifted your paper from Quizlet.

Quizlet is a reputable online learning platform that helps students with improving their private studies. It does so by offering them help with their homework and assignments, by providing them access to millions of step-to-step solutions to different questions.

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However, some lazy and incompetent students lift answers and solutions directly from this platform and submit them in their assignments and homework as their own. Nevertheless, such students need to understand that when they submit their work through Turnitin, the software will indicate a high level of similarity in such papers and alert the professor.

Does Turnitin Check Chegg Flashcards?

Turnitin does check Chegg flashcards. This platform checks flashcards from all the flash-cards-making platforms, including Chegg.

Remember, Turnitin checks any work that has been published on the internet including Chegg flashcards. Therefore, when you copy any content from these flashcards directly and submit the content as your own, Turnitin will definitely fag you off for committing plagiarism.

An excellent and safe way of avoiding such detection would be reading and understanding the information on the Chegg flashcards and using the content in your work by writing it in your own way, through paraphrasing. This method is beneficial to you because you will be able to understand the content you are writing about and avoid committing plagiarism at the same time.

Does Turnitin Detect Anki?

Turnitin does detect Anki. This platform is host to more than 500 million flashcards, created by students and educators worldwide, flashcards that cut across all courses and subjects. Since these flashcards are published, Turnitin can definitely access them.

After creating your own flashcards in the Anki program, you have the liberty to either make the flashcards private or public, where other users of the program can access them. In either case, these flashcards are published, which means that Turnitin and any other plagiarism-detecting and preventing software can access.

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Therefore, it would not be advisable for you to lift some content directly from the Anki flashcards and paste them into your homework or assignments and claim the content to be your own. This is because as long as you submit the work through Turnitin, this program will match the strings of texts and associate them with Anki flashcards.

Such will be treated as infringing your institution’s academic honor code, and you will face the necessary consequences as per your institution’s policies on committing plagiarism.

Does Turnitin Check Brainscape?

Turnitin does check Brainscape. Like all the other platforms that help students and educators to create digital flashcards, Brainscape has not been exempted from scrutiny in an attempt to detect and prevent plagiarism in students’ papers.

Therefore, Turnitin is in a position to check for plagiarism in the papers that students submit by comparing them against the flashcards in Brainscape.

As a student, it is worthy to note that the digital flashcards from Brainscape and the other flashcards-making platforms are meant to help you with your private study through spaced repetition. Therefore, it is completely wrong to copy the information contained in these flashcards directly and use them as your own.

When you do so, Turnitin will employ its powerful matching algorithms and indicate high percentages of similarities in your work.

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Some of the consequences you could face after committing plagiarism, which could happen after incorrectly using Brainscape’s flashcards, include a ruined reputation, legal tussles, getting a lower grade or failing the course altogether, suspension from your institution, or permanent expulsion in the worst-case scenario.

Therefore, avoid copying any content from Brainscape’s flashcards and pasting it directly in any of your papers, homework, or assignment because Turnitin will certainly detect the similarity and flag you for committing plagiarism.


After reading this article, you could agree that Turnitin is pretty effective in detecting and preventing plagiarism. Therefore, when you ask a question such as, does, Turnitin check Quizlet? The answer to this question would be a strong and definite yes.