StraighterLine Vs. Portage Learning: Which One Should You Choose?

The need for numerous students to access different educational services without going to the traditional schools has led to the establishment of different online educational platforms. Today, a large portion of college students do not have to attend physical schools and classes to complete their courses, thanks to online platforms such as StraighterLine, Coursehero, Coursera, and Portage Learning.

These platforms give the student an opportunity to undergo every step required in completing a course within their location and period of their choice. All they will need is a technological device such as a desktop, tablet, or laptop.

In this article, we are going to compare two of such platforms; StraighterLine vs. Portage Learning.

StraighterLine Vs. Portage Learning

StraighterLine and Portage Learning are undoubtedly some of the most widely accepted online learning platforms among college students worldwide. Their comparison helps you as the student get an opportunity to learn better about the two programs and, therefore, help you make an informed decision when making a selection.

Below is a list of crucial features that this article will employ to compare these two online learning platforms.

  1. Course Enrollment

You do not need any special requirements such as a copy of your high school, college, or university transcript to enroll for a course on this platform. The only procedure that you will follow is registering for the course of your choice by opening a StraighterLine account and paying the subscription fee as well as the cost of undertaking the course. After doing so, you will be ready to start learning.


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The process of enrolling in Portage Learning to undertake a course is pretty straightforward.  Just like in StraighterLine, there are no requirements other than your willingness to study through the platform. You are free to enroll for a course during any month of the year at any time of the day as per your liking. After completing the registration process and paying the tuition fee, Portage Learning emails you to confirm your enrollment. In addition, within one business day after your enrollment, you will have access to an instructor and the course material.

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Comparing the enrollment process, it is evident that the process in both of these platforms is straightforward. Both platforms do not commit their students to long and tedious enrollment procedures.

  1. Accreditation

StraighterLine offers its clients more than 60 certificate, diploma, and undergraduate courses, which have been accredited by the American Council on Education Credit Recommendation Service. Furthermore, this platform partners with about 130 accredited colleges and universities that accept the full transfer of credits in its numerous courses. More than one thousand other institutions have reviewed and accepted transfer credits from this platform.

After completing a course through Portage Learning, a student receives their course credit through Geneva College. Therefore, after completing any course on this platform, you will get a transcript from Geneva College. Middle States Commission accredits this institution on Higher Education which is an education accrediting agency. Some of the courses that this platform offers its students include medical courses, Mathematics and Statistics, Languages, Chemistry, Humanities, Psychology, Sociology, Religion, and Culture.

StraighterLine and Portage Learning are both accredited by the relevant regulatory educational bodies. This statement means that both platforms are trustworthy, and you are, therefore, free to join either of them. However, if you want to access a higher number of courses, StraighterLine is the best option between the two.

  1. The Cost of Study

When you enroll for a course in StraighterLine, you will only have to pay a monthly subscription fee of 99 US Dollars and an additional 59 US Dollars for each course you undertake. Therefore, completing a single course at StraighterLine will cost you a total fee of 149 US Dollars. As you may already know, this cost is way cheaper than you would pay in a traditional college or university. Remember, you can pay less money when you combine several courses and study them concurrently.


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The cost of studying in Portage Learning is relative to the total number of credit hours that it takes to complete the course. 198 US Dollars is the amount of tuition fee you pay for each credit hour. This means that you will pay a total tuition fee of 594 US Dollars and 792 US Dollars for a 3-credit course and 4-credit course, respectively. It is vital to remember that this tuition fee is inclusive of all the study materials that you will require to complete the course.

Taking a course in StraighterLine is way cheaper than in Portage Learning. Therefore, if cost is a major concern for you when selecting an online learning platform, StraighterLine is the option to choose between the two.

  1. The Course Completion Duration

StraighterLine is pretty convenient in terms of the study pace that it allows for its students. Completing a course in this platform takes an approximate period of four to six weeks, depending on the learner’s schedule and availability. This means that it facilitates self-paced learning for each individual, whether they are employed or wish to study full-time. A student whose schedule is not so tight and is a fast learner can take a minimum period of up to two weeks to complete a StraighterLine course.

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Consequently, studying through Portage Learning is self-directed. Eight to twelve weeks is the average time it would take a student to complete a course on this platform. However, this duration is dependent on the student’s plan and timetable since the period can be as low as three weeks. When enrolling for a course through this platform, it is vital to note that you must start learning the course six months after enrollment and complete the course within one year. Otherwise, you will be withdrawn automatically from the course and be forced to enroll afresh.

Both platforms are pretty convenient for the study pace, which is advantageous to students who wish to enroll in either of them. Furthermore, the duration it takes to complete a course is almost similar on both platforms.

  1. Examinations

To complete a course through StraighterLine, you ought to undertake several exams, including a mid-term exam and the final exam. Other courses would require you to write lab reports and essays and complete assignments on top of completing the exams. All the StraighterLine exams are open-book apart from the final proctored using a webcam and a microphone. Remember, for you to pass the course, you must attain 70 percent and above.

At Portage Learning, students have to complete module exams before proceeding to the following module. Those whose courses involve lab lessons have to complete the lab exams too. Passing an exam in this platform entails the student attaining a minimum grade of 59.4 percent. The examinations in this platform are proctored using the Respondus Lockdown Browser in cooperation with a microphone and a webcam.


By comparing StraighterLine vs. Portage Learning, you are better positioned to select the choice that you find most comfortable. Therefore, use the pointers discussed above to decide on which platform between the two you find most suitable.