Sophia Courses With and Without Touchstones 2024

Online learning has seen tremendous growth in recent years, attracting students worldwide who prefer its convenience and flexibility.

Among the various types of online courses, self-paced offerings have become particularly popular due to their adaptability.

Sophia Learning, a major educational platform, presents an extensive selection of self-paced courses that enable students to earn credits toward their college degree.

While many of these courses are self-paced, some require touchstones, which are graded by human instructors and can impact the speed of course completion.

We have compiled a list of the quickest and easiest courses you can take here

In this comprehensive, updated guide, we’ll delve into Sophia courses with touchstones, the number of touchstones per course, and provide valuable insights into the grading process, helping you make informed decisions when choosing the most suitable courses for your needs.

We will also look at the Sophia courses that do not have touchstones.

What are Touchstones on Sophia?

A touchstone is an assignment presented in essay format that must be submitted for grading by an instructor.

Unlike milestones and finals, which are graded automatically and provide immediate results, touchstones require instructor assessment, which can take several days.

Students are given a rubric to guide them in crafting their touchstone and guidelines on the required word count or page length.


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When completing touchstones, it’s essential to remember that you’re not only learning the course material but also honing critical skills such as research, analysis, and written communication.

These abilities will prove invaluable in your college experience and future career.

Sophia Courses with Touchstones

Sophia Course Number of Touchstones
Business Law 1
English composition I 5
English composition II 7
Ancient Greek Philosophers 1
Approaches to studying religion 3
Business Communication 4
Career Readiness 3
College Readiness 1
Personal Finance 2
Principles of management 1
Developing effective teams 1
IT career exploration 2
Introduction to career readiness 2
Workplace writing I 5
Workplace writing II 6
Introduction to java programming 1
Introduction to python programming 1
Foundations of composition 2
Public speaking 4
Workplace Communication   1
Approaches to Studying Religions 3
Critical Thinking 1
Spanish I 5
Spanish II 5
Human Biology Lab 2
Introduction to Chemistry Lab 2
Introduction to Psychology: Smarter Decisions Through Psychology  3
Introduction to Sociology: Embracing Diversity and Collaboration 2
Topics in U.S. History: Learn from the Past, Prepare for the Future  3



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Sophia courses without touchstones

  • Introduction to Business
  • Principles of Finance
  • Project Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • The Essentials of Managing Conflict- shortest  1 milestone 3 challenges
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  •  Introduction to Relational Databases
  • Introduction to Web Development
  • Visual Communications 
  • Art History I 
  • Art History II
  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Calculus I
  • College Algebra
  • Foundations of Statistics
  • Introduction to College Mathematics
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Precalculus 
  • Environmental Science
  • Human Biology
  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • Introduction to Nutrition
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • U.S. History I
  •  History II

How long does Sophia take to grade Touchstone?

Sophia Learning generally takes around 2-3 working days to grade touchstones.

During busy periods, grading may take up to 14 days, whereas during quieter times, grading can be completed in as few as three working days.

Students are notified by email when their touchstones have been graded, and they can access their accounts to review the instructor’s feedback and the awarded grades.


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It’s important to remain patient during the grading process and use the waiting period to stay engaged with your coursework, review feedback from previous touchstones, or even get a head start on upcoming assignments.

Plagiarism and Sophia Touchstones:

Sophia employs plagiarism detection software to identify instances of cheating in touchstones. Although the specific software used is not disclosed, it is crucial for students to write all touchstones from scratch and properly reference and cite sources to avoid plagiarism-related issues.

Taking the time to develop your ideas and synthesize information from various sources will help you avoid plagiarism, deepen your understanding of the course material, and foster critical thinking skills.

How are Sophia Touchstones graded?

Sophia instructors are generally fair graders and tend to award good grades. To optimize your grade, adhere to the provided instructions and take the feedback given by instructors into account when revising your work.

Remember that instructors are there to support your learning journey, so if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact them for clarification or guidance.

How long does it take to complete sophia courses with touchstones?

It takes 2-4 weeks to complete a sophia class with touchstones.

While the touchstones may extend the course duration, they also provide a more comprehensive learning experience, allowing you to apply and reinforce the knowledge you’ve gained.


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Should you take Sophia courses with touchstones?

You may wish to avoid Sophia courses with touchstones if you have a tight schedule. However, suppose time is not a significant constraint.

In that case, these courses can offer a richer learning experience and help you practice valuable skills needed in college and beyond, such as essay writing, research, and critical analysis.

Seeking Help with Sophia Touchstones

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