Sleep or Do Homework; Which is More Important?

At every level of your education, whether junior school, high school, college, or university, you will be given a lot of homework by the different educators you will come across. Sometimes the homework becomes overwhelming to an extent where you are forced to choose whether to sleep or do homework.

When in such a situation, what should you do? Kindly read this article thoroughly to answer this question and find out more on this subject.

Should I Sleep or Do Homework?

It would be best if you did your homework rather than sleeping. If you are a college or a university student, you might probably already know that the assignments and homework professors give out contribute significantly to your final semester grade.

Nevertheless, there is a high possibility your professor will not be willing to listen to your excuses after failing to submit the homework on time.

Moreover, completing homework on time depicts responsibility on your side and that you can follow through on your commitments.

Since tackling your homework for long hours at night is not something you do every day, why wouldn’t you sacrifice some sleep for one night and complete the assignment to avoid unnecessary trouble?

Should I Do My Homework First or Go to Sleep?

You should do your homework first and go to sleep later. If the deadline for submitting the homework is pretty near, probably the following day, it would be wise for you prioritize on tackling the homework first and consider sleeping after you’re done.

If otherwise, you can sleep and do the assignment in the subsequent days.

In addition, if you are a student who is more productive at night, you should do your homework first and go to sleep later. Most importantly, ensure you get enough sleep for you to be able to do the homework at your best.

Which is More Important, Sleep or Homework?

You should definitely treat sleep with more importance than homework. This is because your mental and physical wellbeing is pretty vital in the short run and the long run and you can tamper with your well-being if you are sleep-deprived.

Different health experts agree that a teenager should sleep for approximately 8 hours per day to perform efficiently. Getting enough sleep helps you fight infections and diseases, grow mentally and physically, and avoid gaining inessential weight.

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When you deprive yourself of getting enough sleep so that you tackle your homework or study extra hours, you are doing an injustice to yourself.

When you are sleep-deprived, you may complete the homework, but poorly, you may experience a headache, and mild memory loss, anxiety, depression, and your alertness will reduce when you attend class the next day.

Nevertheless, homework is crucial because it improves your research and study skills and improves your overall grade.

Therefore, whenever you can compensate for the deprived sleep, you should concentrate on doing the homework and sleep later.

Should I Stay Up and Do My Homework?

You should stay up and do your homework if you have a tight deadline or when nighttime is when you are most productive. Doing so will ensure that you meet the deadline, avoid trouble with your educator, and tackle the homework in the best way possible.

However, forgoing sleep to do your homework is not always the best idea. Your body and mind are usually exhausted at night, and you may find yourself unable to concentrate for long periods.

This revelation is particularly rampant when the homework you intend to do involves rigorous studying because you may find yourself unable to comprehend and remember the information you are reading.

If the situation gets worse and you are unable to tackle the homework because you are sleepy, you should consider hiring an essay writer to complete it for you.

Is it Bad if I Do Homework at Night?

It is not bad if you do your homework at night. If you perform better at night, you should do your homework before going to bed.

Your sugar levels are high at night, so that your concentration is better. Therefore, as a night owl, do your homework before going to bed.

Nevertheless, avoid doing your homework at night if you are a morning person. In that case, sleep, wake up early the next morning and attempt the assignment. This is because your concentration and productivity levels are better in the morning.

Is Doing Homework Before Bed Good?

Doing your homework before you go to bed is good. It is the right thing to do if you have a tight deadline and cannot afford an extension.

A good example is when you are to submit the assignment the following day. If you forgo the assignment for bed, that translates to procrastination which will have detrimental effects on you and your grades.

Moreover, if you are the night owl kind of person who cannot be much productive in the morning, doing your homework before going to bed is highly advisable. You will find yourself in a better position to do the homework at that time because it is when you are most attentive, with the ability to grasp and process the homework.

Wake Up Early to Do Homework or Stay Longer?

Both can be viable options depending on what time you are most active and productive. The most important thing to observe in both cases is making sure you get enough sleep, 6-9 hours of sleep.

If you are a morning lark or an early bird, it will be better to sleep early and wake up early to do the homework. In the morning is the time you are fresh both physically and mentally. Therefore, as long as you had enough sleep, you will be in a relaxed condition to comprehend and tackle the homework expeditiously.

Nevertheless, if you are a night owl, you should stay longer and complete the homework. Your blood sugar levels will be higher to enhance your alertness. There are typically fewer unnecessary distractions at night, and the focus will help you become creative when attempting the homework. When you get enough sleep after doing the assignment, you will easily retain the homework’s content.

I Want to Sleep, but I have Work: What Should I Do?

Sleepiness is rampant among many students and employees, a situation that can get worse at night. However, how do you beat this sleepiness and do the work at hand? Below is a list of tips to help you overcome the problem;

  • Organize a schedule to help you keep track of the time you want to use tackling the work.
  • Keep away from all possible distractions, including your phone.
  • Drink some coffee or any beverage that contains caffeine to help you remain awake.
  • Ensure you select a suitable working spot away from your bed.
  • Hire an essay writer. Such professionals will complete the work quickly and efficiently.
  • Take regular short breaks when attempting the work.

Why Do I Always Feel Sleepy While Doing Homework?

Whether you are trying to study or do your homework, feeling sleepy can be a problem and a distraction that you should prevent. Below are reasons why you may feel sleepy while doing homework;

  • The environment in which you are doing the environment is exhaustive.
  • You lack either brain or body nourishment.
  • Your brain is tired and straining to keep up with the tiredness.


As a student, there are times in your education journey when you might ask yourself whether to sleep or do homework. When such a moment comes, weigh your options of whether sleep is important than homework and be ready to accept the repercussions of your decision.