How to Reduce Similarity on SafeAssign

SafeAssign is one of the most popular and powerful plagiarism detecting software that students and professors use to check the originality of different written pieces. This software compares the submitted work against its rich paper repository and other internet sources. After doing so, SafeAssign generates a plagiarism score which could be low, medium, or high.

A low SafeAssign plagiarism score of 15 percent and below shows minimal or no plagiarism, therefore, it is the most desirable score. This article guides you on how to reduce similarity on SafeAssign to help you compose eligible and worthy papers that are plagiarism-free.

Ways on How to Reduce Similarity on Safeassign

Education stakeholders deem safe-assign effective because it employs a unique and special AI algorithm that finds identical streams of words and phrases in the paper you submit. Therefore, be assured that it will catch you when you submit plagiarized content through it. Below are several ways that you could follow to reduce similarity on safeassign;

  • Write your paper from scratch

 Writing a paper from scratch is a sure way of avoiding plagiarism and, therefore, scoring a very low or zero percent on SafeAssign’s similarity score. To write an original paper that is free of plagiarism, carry out extensive research on the topic you wish to write about, either through reading books or from internet sources.

After doing so, make a rough sketch using the main pointers, after which you can write the content using your own unique style, words, and tone. You will generate an original piece of writing which, after submitting for similarity checking, there is no doubt that SafeAssign will not detect any trace of similarity and plagiarism.

  • Hire a professional essay writer

Hiring a professional essay writer is an effective way of generating a piece of writing with minimal or zero plagiarism. Remember, such writers, are usually highly qualified and experienced in writing excellent essays, academic reports, articles, assignments, and any other paper they are required to compose.

Therefore, they are a perfect choice for consideration whenever you want to reduce similarity on SafeAssign by producing a plagiarism-free piece of writing.

A professional writer researches extensively on the topic, writes the paper, proofreads it, and edits it to do away with all mistakes. They will also ensure that the document is well-cited and referenced.

  • Add pictures and images to your paper

SafeAssign does not detect images and pictures such as maps, graphs, and diagrams. This plagiarism-detecting software only detects streams of words, and since images are not words, SafeAssign assumes them and skips to the following streams of words and phrases.

Therefore, ensure that you naturally merge the images and text for you to be assured that SafeAssign will generate a similarity report that indicates low levels of similarity.

However, refrain from including too many diagrams as the software may consider your article blank and bypass it.

How to Cheat SafeAssign

Safe Assign is pretty thorough in checking plagiarism, but you can also cheat it. Below is a list of tested and practical solutions that you can use to cheat SafeAssign to generate a low plagiarism score.

  • Paraphrase comprehensively

Paraphrasing is vital, especially when you have to employ ideas from an existing piece of writing. The process involves rewriting the ideas and points from your source documents using your words.

Comprehensive paraphrasing requires replacing some of the terms and phrases in the original document with their synonyms, altering the style and tone of your writing, and changing some sentence structures.

Since SafeAssign traces similar words and sentence layouts, paraphrasing will help you cheat its algorithm; hence SafeAssign will generate a plagiarism score that is 15% and below. This is because safeassign is not able to detect paraphrased content.

  • Cite sources and reference your work

It is sometimes inevitable to avoid using someone else’s thoughts or ideas in your own article in writing. You may do so to support an argument or state a quote where you may wish to retain the original meaning. However, when you apply someone else’s ideas in writing your paper, it would be wise to cite the source and reference your work on the last page.

Citing your source involves acknowledging the author’s name and the date the piece was published, using the correct in-citations as per the style you are applying, whether APA, Chicago or MLA.

On the reference page, ensure that you include the author’s name from whom you sourced your content, the title of the piece of writing, and the day it was published. Doing so puts you on the right side of SafeAssign as well as your professor as safeassign does not flag references.

  • Apply quotation marks

Quotation marks are best applicable when you use quotes and idioms as they are in the original paper. Putting such quotes in quotation marks will cheat SafeAssign into generating a low plagiarism score.

However, avoid overusing the quotation marks because they may create a picture of laziness on your side, indicating your hesitation in carrying out comprehensive research on the subject topic.

  • Alter the document’s format before submission

This technique may not be as popular as the others, but it is an efficient method of cheating SafeAssign. It involves altering your paper’s format from word to PDF. SafeAssign does not read PDF files and cannot comprehend the file’s contents because the file contains two layers, the visible and the invisible.

You may include special characters such as numbers, letters, and symbols to conceal the spaces in between text in the invisible layer. In the end, this software generates a low percentage of the plagiarism score.


All educators and students would agree that committing plagiarism is a severe offense whose consequences are dire depending on the institution. This is because plagiarism is an ethical and integrity issue that many learning institutions are usually keen to do away with because of their reputation and their strive to ensure fairness.

Therefore, as a student, equip yourself with knowledge and skills on how to reduce similarity on SafeAssign by reading this article comprehensively. You can later be assured that doing so will keep you away from such troubles.