Is it wrong to pay essay writing companies to do your work?

Writing college essays is an art and requires a student to undertake extensive research and display excellent writing skills to score maximum points.

Now, writing one or two college essays is simple, but imagine writing essays for 4 years in different subject areas. It is exhausting and time-consuming.

In college, students have a lot more to do apart from learning. Some have part-time jobs, families, co-curricular activities and leisure.

Juggling between all these is tricky. As a result, affordable essay writing companies come in handy.

Research papers will take more time. This is due to the fact that you have to comb through various sources to come up with a top-notch research paper.

Remember in college points will be awarded based on your ability to conduct proper research. As such, many students have been asking, is it wrong to pay essay writing companies to do your work?

In this blog, we seek to find out the answer to the above question in detail. We will look at both sides of the argument before coming up with a logical conclusion.

Is it wrong to pay essay writing companies to do your work?

Essentially, it is not wrong to pay essay writing companies to do your work because it will allow you time to juggle between jobs, family, leisure, and other co-curricular activities.

Hiring an essay writing company will ensure that you submit plagiarism-free and high-quality papers that will score the maximum possible points. 

Students are also human beings some are parents, some run businesses, and some are employed. And as long as they are able to cope with the demands of their programs, that is writing essays and research papers, they do not need any help.

However, some students are extremely overwhelmed due to their other engagements. For instance, imagine juggling between a part-time job and school. This means that one part of your life will have to suffer and in this case, your social life.

But you do not have to lose your social life while you can hire an essay writer for cheap to write your assignments, essays, and research papers.

Why it is not wrong for a student to hire an essay writing company?

It is not wrong for a student to hire an essay writing company because hiring a reputable company will help you beat deadlines and improve your grades.

  • Beat the deadlines
wrong for student to hire essay writer

Let’s say you are taking eight units per semester. Each lecturer gives a minimum of three essays to contribute to the coursework and grading.

You will have around 24 essays to complete before the end of the semester not forgetting discussion posts and peer responses if you are taking online classes.

Some professors are strict and will penalize you for late submissions. Writing all these essays is difficult because you still have to attend classes and revise for the exams and random tests.

To ease the pressure, hiring an essay writing company reduces the workload. You can write some and then outsource the rest.

The essay writing companies hire professional writers who guarantee quality essays as well as timely deliveries. You can deliver the work way before the deadline.

  • Improve on the quality of your work and grades

College essays are an excellent way for students to boost their overall grades. Many students ask: Is it wrong to pay essay writing companies to do your work?

For a student who is not good at writing, for example in English (especially non-native students), it is unfair for them because they are not able to deliver quality work.

It is, therefore, advisable they hire a reputable essay writing company so that they get quality and original essays written to perfection. The essays ensure they boost their grades too.

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Is paying an essay writing company a good option for students?

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Paying an essay writing company is a good option for students as the essay writing company will submit well-researched essays, helps to free up some time for other activities and they are affordable.

Most students use these companies, and I see no reason why you shouldn’t explore the same option.

There are several reasons why paying an essay writing company is a good option for college students. They include;

  • Free up some time to engage in other activities

As earlier mentioned, there are a lot of activities for college students to try out in the course of study. You cannot try out these activities if you have a lot of essays to write.

Paying someone to write your essays ensures you get much-needed time to go to work or socialize with your friends.

  • Get a well-researched essay

Writers hired by online essay writing companies are professionals as they have a greater understanding of content in the various fields they have majored in.

They know what to include and what to omit. Additionally, they engage in extensive research and cite their sources accordingly.

As a student, you get a quality paper that earns you a good grade, and you also get to learn new things.

Some lecturers give assignments that are not related to the coursework for students to research. Researching a different field is challenging and time-consuming.

Why go through the trouble when you can hire a professional essay writer to research for you?

In the end, when you get the paper, you read and learn, and then forward the assignment.

cheap essay writing service
  • Cheap and affordable

These companies do not charge a lot of money to write a quality essay for you. Their rates are affordable for all students.

It is a major reason why most students opt to use their services. Part with a few dollars, and get a paper that guarantees you a good grade.



Is it OK to use an essay writing service when you really need it?

Presently, it is okay to use an essay writing service when you really need it especially if you cannot find adequate resources, have many essays coming up, cannot understand the instructions of the essay, or have a personal emergency.

Your instructor will never know you hired an essay writer if they submit a plagiarism-free well-researched paper.

Nothing hits hard like an emergency, looming deadline, or worse still, researching on a paper with inadequate resources.

So, are there times when you really need an essay writing service? Yes is the obvious answer. Let me expound on the above scenarios.

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  • Inadequate resources

Some colleges have inadequate resources to conduct research for your research paper. Most of the time, you will find them fully utilized or even unavailable.

For example, a full library or a book that is not stocked in the library. Instead of going through the hustle of finding alternatives, hiring a professional ensures that you get an extensively researched paper.

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  • Looming deadlines

If you have several papers to write that are due soon, it would be practically impossible to complete all of them. If by any chance you finish them, chances are they are below par in terms of quality and grammar.

However, you can get a professional to write the essays for you. Consequently, you will be sure the work is delivered on time. Quality is also guaranteed.

  • Emergencies 

Emergencies are part of life. They can be in form of falling sick, a call from home or maybe even losing your coursework materials.

Trying to complete your essays in the middle of these emergencies is tedious. Hire a reputable writing company, and they will do the work for you as you deal with your college emergency. You get to kill two birds with one stone.

  • Failing to understand what the essay is about

Some research topics are hard to understand. Why not get a professional? Professional essay writers have a great understanding of the topics in their respective fields.

They will know where to look and how to handle the various problems. They get paid daily to tackle such kind of situations.

What you get when you hire a reliable essay-writing company

When hiring an essay writing company, make sure you do in-depth research to get the best one there is in the market.

A reliable essay writing company will submit a plagiarism-free paper at an affordable rate. The paper will be completed by an expert in your field and you can request amendments if needed for free.

A reliable essay writing company offers the following privileges;

  • Plagiarism free papers

A reliable company always delivers papers that are original, and

free of plagiarism. The submitted essay is run through a plagiarism detection tool to make sure it is authentic. Afterward, a team of editors goes through the paper to ensure it has met the customer’s requirements.

  • Affordable services

Essay writing companies are cheap and affordable to all students.

  • Expert help

Most of the writers found are professionals with years of experience in their respective fields. They have excellent research skills as well as prowess in grammar and writing skills. You will get a paper that meets your requirements.

  • Free amendments

When you get your paper, and you find that there are sections that need revision, a reliable essay writing company offers free amendments to all its customers. You can always return the paper until it covers all the specified requirements.


In this blog, we seek to answer the question: is it wrong to pay essay writing companies to do your work? and is paying someone for your work a good option for students?

And yes, there is nothing wrong with paying someone to write your essay. Students are human beings too and once in a while and for good reasons, they are overwhelmed and might need a helping hand.

A reputable essay writing company will offer a helping hand by providing high-quality, well-researched, plagiarism-free papers at a student-friendly rate.