Is StraighterLine Easy? How to Pass StraighterLine Courses

Are StraighterLine Courses Easy?

StraighterLine courses are easy. Being an online platform that offers educational services, most students who undertake online courses through StraighterLine consider it pretty convenient compared to undertaking the same courses in a traditional institution of higher learning.

First, StraighterLine is pretty straightforward with the cost and provision of its courses and services. Unlike enrolling for a similar course in a traditional institution of higher learning where you ought to undergo a rigorous registration and enrollment process with the payment of hefty tuition fees to complete the course, StraighterLine is pretty convenient.

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When you wish to enroll for a StraighterLine course, you will only have to pay a monthly subscription fee of 99 US Dollars and an additional 59 US Dollars for each course you undertake. Here, you do not undergo a rigorous registration process to start learning. After paying the stipulated fees, you are ready to learn your course. StraighterLine will provide you with electronic textbooks to help with the learning, live support whenever you need it, and one-on-one tutoring from highly qualified tutors. This is a pretty straightforward process and easy to follow.



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In addition, taking a course from StraighterLine allows you to learn it at the most convenient place. Apart from the Professor Direct, professor-led courses that take between eight and fifteen weeks, you can complete the others in a short time, with others in less than a month, per your schedule. The courses are so convenient that you can learn them at a time and location of your choice. Therefore, if you are a working student, pregnant, or have a family emergency, you can still attend your classes on your own time while attending to your other activities.

How to Pass StraighterLine Courses

To complete a StraighterLine course, you will need to undertake exams, mid-term exams, and the main exam. Other courses, especially science courses and nursing, will require you to write lab reports as a part of the course completion requirements. In contrast, others require you to write essays, several complete quizzes, and homework.

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After finishing all the above course completion requirements, you have to get a grade beyond 70 percent for you to get a credit. However, this pass mark depends on various institutions’ policies as some would accept a score above 69.5 percent. Remember, when you complete the course and fail to achieve the pass mark, you will be forced to repurchase that course and retake it.

However, below is a list of tips to help you avoid such inconveniences and pass your StraighterLine course.

  • Utilize the Learning Materials in this platform

As earlier mentioned, StraighterLine avails to you multiple study resources when you enroll for a course in its platform. These resources include live support for Q&A sessions, electronic textbooks, and one-on-one tutoring services from highly-qualified tutors. If you utilize these resources appropriately, there is a high possibility that you will pass its courses without much effort.

  • Study One or a Few Courses at a Time

As you may already know, many cooks spoil the broth. This statement applies to StraighterLine courses too. When attempting to complete them, do not enroll for too many because you will fail them.


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When you do so, you will end up focusing on some and neglecting the others, which means that you might pass the ones you focus on and fail the others. Instead, enroll in one or a few StraighterLine courses that you can focus on effectively. Doing so will give you ample time and space to study them, which means that you will pass the courses in the end.

  • Pay a Professional to Do the StraighterLine Exams for You

If you feel uncertain or unready to do the StraighterLine quizzes or exams, the best thing to do in such a case is to pay someone else, a professional, to undertake them for you. Expert essay writers and StraighterLine exam specialists have what it takes to earn you the best grades. After dealing with multiple students, such specialists possess the knowledge and experience in handling these assignments and exams, which means that they will guarantee you an excellent grade after paying them.

  • Search for Answers During Open-Book Exams.

It is vital to note that apart from the final exams that are typically proctored, all the other quizzes and exams are open-book. This means that you can look up answers in the electronic textbooks available digitally. To do so, all you need is to press Ctrl and F to find the answers you need in the electronic textbook.

Is StraighterLine Legit?

StraighterLine is legit. Since this platform was established in 2008, many students and institutions of higher learning worldwide have trusted its services. Multiple students continue to subscribe to StraighterLine’s services by enrolling for its online courses, while numerous colleges and universities continue to accept the full transfer of credits from this platform.

It is vital to note that StraighterLine offers a wide range of courses, consisting of more than 60 college and university courses. All these courses are accredited by the American Council on Education Credit Recommendation Service, which is authentic and trustworthy. Some of these ACE-accredited courses include Nursing, Mathematics, Health Sciences, Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences, and business.

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In addition, this platform partners with more than 130 institutions of higher learning which accept the transfer of credits from this platform. More than a thousand other colleges and universities have reviewed and accepted the transfer of students’ credits obtained from learning courses on this platform. Therefore, it would be vital to confirm that your college or university will accept credit transfers in a course from StraighterLine before you enroll in one.

How Does StraighterLine Proctoring Work?

As earlier mentioned, all the quizzes and exams offered by StraighterLine are open-book, apart from the final exam that is normally proctored. StraighterLine incorporates Proctor U, a private company that offers online proctoring services during examination sessions. Some of the techniques and strategies that this service employs include:

  • The Use of a Microphone and Webcam

One of the duties of a webcam is that before you begin your examination, the examiner will require you to produce a valid government-issued ID, driver’s license, passport, or military ID. By holding the identification against the webcam, your proctor is able to verify that it is you that is sitting for the exam and not someone else. In addition, the examiner will require you to rotate your webcam around the room to ascertain that you are alone in the examination room.

A microphone and webcam combined are used to watch and record your movements during the exam. A third- party is usually employed to monitor the students’ activities and movements through these tools. Therefore, once a student engages in suspicious activity and movements, the administrator takes hold of that and notifies your professor.

  • Recording the Activities on Your Computer Screen

You grant Proctor U permission to access your computer activities when you sit for a proctored StraighterLine exam. Therefore, the program can see and record your computer screen so that you cannot open additional windows and tabs during the examination. When you do, the program will notice and notify the examiner for necessary action.