Is Cheating Bad In College?

Several arguments have been advanced about how cheating is college is bad or how cheating in college is good.

However, the truth is college life is tedious and requires the utmost control and management. Balancing between your studies and other activities like sports and leisure can be challenging.

In this blog, we find out: is cheating bad in college? Read along

So is cheating bad in college? 

Ideally cheating in college is not bad as it helps cope with the pressure and ensure you submit your assignments on time. However it is important to ensure you are not get caught as this can lead you in problems with your institution.

Therefore, to help you cope with the pressure, try out the following methods, to ensure you finish your assignments on time and you ensure you are not caught cheating.

  • Hire a reliable essay writing company

Writing college essays requires good research skills that end up taking a lot of time. You can avoid this by hiring a reliable research paper writing company.

These companies have professional writers who ensure that you receive quality and original papers in a short duration. The companies are readily available online.

They are also cheap and affordable for all their customers. It is the best way of dealing with your assignments because the lecturer will not suspect anything.

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  • Hold secret discussions

Form a secret group with your friends to handle the assignments given by the different lecturers. Group discussions are great because it is a combined effort.

Each member of the group is assigned a specific topic to research on. You then gather all the findings which you can use to compile individual assignments.

Group work is also an efficient way of revising for the exams.

What is the punishment if you are caught cheating in college?

Various colleges have various methods of punishing students who are caught cheating. The following punishments are common in most colleges, but the severity of each depends on individual institutions. Each has a consequence.

Essentially, the punishment if you are caught cheating in college includes: failing the unit, being forced to redo the unit, suspension, expulsion or having your degree revoked.

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  • Getting an F in the unit

In some colleges, when a student cheats, the professor awards a straight F without the option of retaking the exam or course.

Failing in the unit may look like a minimal consequence, but it adversely affects the overall performance of the student in that semester.

The average score for all the units is affected. It becomes impossible to get the average score you desired.


Chances are you will graduate with a lower class reducing your competitive edge when looking for employment.

  • Repeating the unit

Some college professors instruct you to repeat the unit the following semester. Several scenarios arise as a result.

First, your peers leave you behind as they will be several units ahead of you. Colleges have a specific number of units that a student can register in each semester.

Having extra units of study means it becomes hectic for you. By the time they are graduating, you will still have some coursework to do.

Secondly, you will have a lot of work to do to catch up with your peers. Assignments pile up, and revision becomes tedious because you have a lot to cover.

You may end up failing in other subjects too.

  • Failing to get a recommendation 

When a student graduates from college, they receive a letter of recommendation to enhance their chances of landing a job.

Some colleges decline to write a letter of recommendation for students who are caught cheating. Some even indicate that you cheated.

You, therefore, lower your chances of getting internships and jobs. If you wish to further your studies, higher institutions may end up rejecting you.

  • Suspension

A suspension is a common form of punishment in all colleges when you are caught cheating. The duration of suspension varies in different colleges ranging from a few weeks to several years depending on the strictness of the disciplinary committee.

Imagine if you are suspended for several years. You fall behind your colleagues.

They graduate and get job opportunities while you are still in school.

  • Expulsion

It is one of the harshest punishment you can get if you are caught cheating. Although it is rare, some colleges are strict enough to expel you if you cheat.

Expulsion destroys your future, and you lose everything you worked so hard to achieve.

When you are expelled, it is hard to get another school because you already have a bad reputation.

  • Revoked Degrees

Yes, your college degree may be revoked or recalled if you are found guilty of cheating in college.

There have been numerous people who have had their college degrees revoked for among other reasons plagiarism their college papers.

What happened after you got caught cheating?

caught cheating in college

I had a lot of assignments to do, and time seemed to be running out as the deadline drew near every minute.

The only solution I had was copying my friends work. Upon submission, the college professor realizes that we have similar work.

We are both summoned by the professor, and he asks us several questions regarding the assignment. I confess to having copied the assignment from my friend.

The professor cancelled both of our works and instructed us to resubmit the assignment. He further added new topics to research on.

He was also quick to emphasize that he was being lenient because the purpose of the assignment was to boost our grades.

If that wasn’t the case, and the assignment was part of the coursework, we would have been summoned by the disciplinary committee, and the punishment would have been severe.

Failing to see the professor would have rendered the unit null and void.

The above case is a perfect example of the repercussions of cheating. Although the professor was not strict, some are, and they ensure the punishment is severe.

For example, they can punish you by failing you in the unit or asking you to take the unit some other time.

Do not copy your friends work instead order a plagiarism free research paper 

Can a university professor accuse a student of cheating without proof?

Yes a professor can accuse a student of cheating without proof.

However, the situation is complicated. Let’s take an example. A professor invigilating an exam notices a student is copying answers from a small paper he had prepared before the exam started.

The student realizes the professor has seen him and swallows the evidence. The professor fails the student. What happens next?

cheating in college

The student appeals and claims that he did not cheat. It becomes the professor’s word against the student’s. Two things can probably happen.

First, only the professor knows that the student was cheating, but he has no evidence.

It is unlikely that the student will be punished.

The disciplinary committee can only order the student to sit for another exam under supervised conditions.

Secondly, if the professor has a reputation of being trustworthy, and has never reported a case of irregularities before, the disciplinary committee can rule in favor of the professor.

The student gets a suspension. To make the ruling easier for the disciplinary committee, the professor should ensure they have circumstantial evidence.

However, as the student, do not under any circumstances result in cheating. The consequences can be detrimental.

Final thoughts

Is cheating bad in college? While it lead you to trouble cheating in college might help you deal with your essays while you work or focus on your social life. 

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