I Hate Doing Homework: Tips to Help You Do Homework That You Hate

A large percentage of students spend seven hours each day for five days a week at school learning. Still, their educators hand them homework to complete at night and even over the weekends.

Nevertheless, educators view homework as a vital element of reinforcing the content they teach in the lecture room, but most of their students view it as a chore meant to interfere with their free time and curtail their freedom.

If you are the student who would typically say, ‘I hate doing homework,’ you are not alone. Several surveys conducted by different scholars indicate that a whopping proportion of students, more than 70 percent, hate doing homework.

To know why you might hate doing homework and the possible ways to help you overcome that, kindly walk with me throughout this article.

Why Do Students Hate Doing Homework?

Only a small portion of 17 per cent of students are believed to like homework. The rest find it annoying and boring. The dislike for homework is one aspect of education that students have been known to possess over the years constantly. The exciting affair about this is that the dislike of homework is universal and across all educational levels.

Students hate homework because they believe doing homework is boring and does not add any value to them. In addition, students also hate completing homework because it eats up most of their free time after school leaving them without time for socializing and other co-curricular activities. 

So, why do students hate doing homework? Below is a list of reasons to answer this question;

  1. Homework affects their free time and interests.

After spending approximately seven hours in school learning, students believe that they deserve some free time when they go home, which is a legitimate point.

They need this time to watch TV, play video games, interact with friends, engage their social media, bond with family members during dinner or relax a little bit.

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Instead, they are forced to use the time they would otherwise use in conducting these activities to do their homework and assignments. For that reason, they believe homework is a monster out to torture their free time and therefore hate it.

  1. Students do not comprehend the value of homework.

Educators provide their students with homework to assess their learning motivation, boost their confidence, and enhance crucial life skills such as taking responsibility and time management.

However, some students erroneously feel that the only value from doing homework is academic only. For this reason, they don’t take it seriously and therefore dislike it.

  1. Homework is time-consuming and stressful.

A student would typically be studying several subjects at school. If several teachers provided a single student with different homework, that would translate to a lot of homework that would require a lot of time to complete.

If a student spends seven hours at school learning and another three to complete different assignments, that is a lot of time spent studying, and it would prove to be tiresome and stressful. Therefore, if homework deprives a student of time to sleep, they will hate it with passion.

  1. Their educators do not provide feedback.

Students require recognition from their teachers whenever they attempt and complete homework. They desire to be rewarded and praised for a job well done.

However, when educators don’t recognize their students’ efforts when they complete assignments, they become less enthusiastic and demotivated to attempt to complete homework. For this reason, they start disliking homework and assignments.

How to Do Homework That You Hate

It is crucial to remember that homework is incorporated in the semester’s final grade, and failure to attempt it translates to a poorer grade.

Therefore, whether you hate to attempt the homework or not, most of the time, you don’t have any choice but to attempt it anyway. However, how do you finish the homework quickly even if you don’t want to? Below is a list of some tips to assist you with that.

If you want to do homework when you hate doing homework, you can find a good quiet place to complete your homework, create a timetable if you have several pending assignments, take regular breaks when doing homework, find a study group or hire someone to complete your homework.  

  • Create a homework schedule

If you have several assignments to undertake, plan a schedule for completing them. Deliberate on the time you have and list all the assignments you plan to undertake within that time.

Therefore, you will have an easier time completing the homework since you will tick each assignment after attempting it.

Ensure that you plan to complete the most challenging assignment first and finish with the easiest one in your schedule.

By doing so, you ensure that you boost your productivity levels and the urge to complete the subsequent more straightforward assignments. This is because completing the most challenging homework first improves your confidence levels and reduces the pressure that comes with meeting submission deadlines.

  • Find a Suitable Study Environment

Doing your homework where there is a presence of distractions like TV, phone, or family members will slow your homework session, making you struggle with completing your homework and hence hating it even more. In that case, find a quiet place away from unnecessary distractions.

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Furthermore, if you find yourself bored when attempting the homework, playing music might work its music. Soothing music, especially classical music, can be therapeutic and make the homework session more enjoyable.

  • Find a Study Partner or Study Group

There is a high likelihood that you are not the only one in your class struggling to complete assignments . So, what do you do in such a case? Find yourself a study partner or a study group that you would collaborate with and motivate each other to finish homework.

Help each other plan the days you will be converging to tackle those assignments and draft rules that will guide your homework sessions.

The best thing about finding a study partner or group is that each member will have a subject or concept that they understand better than you.

Thus, a friend who understands a particular concept better will help you attempt and grasp that concept. If your study group is a fun company, you will even be looking forward to the following homework session.

  • Hire someone to help you with your homework

Sometimes homework feels like torture, and you find yourself highly bored to attempt it. Other times, you cannot attempt it because it is either too complicated and you, therefore, find yourself hating the homework and your teacher altogether.

In such a case, hire someone to do your homework to complete the homework for you. Such a professional will attempt the assignment in the best way possible and in the shortest time. Therefore, you end up with an adequately undertaken assignment within the deadline submission date.

  • Take Regular Breaks in Between

Most peoples’ brains have a maximum concentration span of 45 minutes and less for some. Therefore, it would be pretty unwise to sit and attempt any homework for hours without any breaks.

Sitting for many hours to attempt the homework will likely end up prolonging the homework session, and as a result, you hating the homework even more.

Instead, take regular planned breaks in between. During these breaks, you may stretch, play your favorite video game, get yourself a snack, meditate, or take a walk.

By doing so, you will energize your body and mind and motivate yourself to complete the assignment.


So, if you are the student who would typically say, ‘I hate doing homework,’ quit doing that today because whining and complaining won’t get you results. Instead, employ the above tips to make your homework sessions more fun.