Is it possible for dumb students to get good grades?

Over recent years, the number of people being enrolled in school has risen rapidly, after most countries made education compulsory for all children.

According to Our World in Data, over 50% of the world population has gone through school. It shows the importance attached to education.

The education system demands that a student must get good grades, to progress to the next level or graduate. It is a fact that not all students are smart. We have some students who struggle to attain good grades.

In this blog, we find answers to: Is it possible for dumb students to get good grades?

Is it possible for dumb students to get good grades?

A dumb student can get good grades if they complete assignments on time, hire an essay writer, engage in group discussions, stop procrastinating, making use of study materials and attending all classes. 

Below are some tips that these students can use to get good grades

  1. Observe deadlines

Dumb students can get and maintain good grades by completing the assignments given on time and submitting before the set deadlines.

Most lecturers do not accept late submissions, which means you will end up having missing marks and getting low grades.

Submitting your work before the deadline ensures your work is graded, and the marks you get boost the overall score.

  1. Hire a professional essay writer

Always ensure you submit quality and original work. Writing essays is a challenge for most students because it requires good research methods and excellent writing skills.

You may be a good researcher but have poor writing skills. Hire a professional essay writer to get a paper that exceeds your expectations.

A professional essay writer always delivers the work on time, and they ensure you get a quality and well-researched paper. This guarantees you good grades.

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  1. Engage in group discussions

Group discussions provide an excellent platform for you to brainstorm with your peers.

You can comfortably ask for assistance on any challenging topic. You learn from your peers, and they learn from you too.

Additionally, you can discuss and complete assignments. Make sure you form a group that has smart students who can easily help you out in case of any challenges.

  1. Make use of study resources

Study resources such as revision books and past papers are essential when revising for exams. You get to familiarize yourself with the content and also get a clear idea of what to expect.

If you make use of past papers, there is a very high likelihood that you will find the same questions phrased in another way.

  1. Stop procrastination

Procrastinating students have the tendency of getting low grades. Do not be one of them. Reduce gaming and leisure time, and focus more on revision.

Do not postpone your study time. Make a timetable that will guide you on what to do at any particular time. Studying more gives you a better chance of improving your grades.

Can someone be smart and not get good grades?

Yes, a student can be smart and still end up not getting good grades, if they have exam anxiety during the examination period, lack focus, don’t observe deadlines, failure to attend classes, unable to communicate effectively or if they are affected by a traumatic experience.  

Schoolwork involves more than just passing the exams. It requires organization, focus and high commitment. Some of the reasons why smart students get poor grades include;

  1. Exam anxiety

The pressure to get good grades often leads to anxiety during the examination period. It mainly affects students who are smart as they don’t want to disappoint their parents and teachers.

A student who is anxious while doing the exams is likely to forget the main points, which ultimately leads to failure.

  1. Lack of focus

Schoolwork requires high-level focus and commitment. In some cases, some students often engage in various activities while still in school.

For example, you find a student is in school, has a part-time job or family and is a member of the school football team.

Engaging in many activities often leads to a loss of focus on what is important – schoolwork. Therefore, you maybe be smart, but if you lose focus, you end up missing important information.

Consequently, you get low grades.

  1. Failure to observe deadlines

Assignments are usually part of the coursework, and they contribute to the overall score of all units. When a teacher gives an assignment, they set a date for submission.

Failure to meet the deadline attracts heavy punishments such as missing marks or retaking the unit.

A smart student may fail to meet the set deadline. This leads to poor performance.

  1. Communication issues

It is common to find a student who understands a concept well but still finds it difficult to write it down clearly, in a way that is easy to understand.

It is easy to tell that the student is smart, but if they can’t answer the exam questions clearly, they end up failing the test.

  1. Failure to attend classes

Most schools have rules on class attendance, the most common one being you have to attend at least 75% of all the classes.

A student may be smart, but if they fail to attain the required attendance, they are disqualified to sit for the main exams. The student ends up failing the class.

  1. Traumatic experiences

A student may be smart, but if by any chance, they go through a traumatic experience, for example, the loss of a family member or property, their overall performance is affected.

How to get good grades when you are not smart

Essentially, you can get good grades if you are not smart by hiring someone to write good essays for you, revising consistently, attending classes, working on areas of weakness, and seeking help from fellow students and instructors. 

Getting good grades is vital if you wish to proceed to the next level of education.

If you are not smart, there are several options to try out to ensure you get a good grade.

Some of them include hiring someone to write good and quality essays for you, seeking assistance from your tutor and peers, dedicating most of your time to revision, remain active and attentive during class, and make use of past tests and quizzes.

Additionally, identify your areas of weakness and focus more on them. Good grades are achievable for someone willing to go the extra mile.

Final thoughts

Is it possible for dumb students to get good grades? Yes, it is possible for a dumb student to get good grades if they stop procrastination, hire an essay writer, observe deadlines and observe deadlines and work extra hard in school.