Who Is Your Favorite Superhero And Why- Sample Essay

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Who Is Your Favorite Superhero And Why

Different people have a favorite superhero for different reasons. Some adore the power they had, for some, it was their fighting style, the weapons, and technology they used, and their personality or background story among others. Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, is my favorite superhero. Different camps of individuals know and relate to Captain America differently; those from the comic scene and those who know him from the movies. I first saw Captain America in the marble series Avengers, after he had woken up from deep freeze after taking down a Nazi warplane with him in the ultimate sacrifice to prevent America and many other world cities from the catastrophic end. Captain America is my favorite superhero because of his humble beginnings, his personality, his fighting techniques, and leadership.

Captain America had a very humble beginning, an aspect of his character that I find amazing. In the Marvel movie Captain America: The First Avenger, we were introduced to Steve Rogers, a would-be army enlistee who had been rejected by many recruiters due to his small physical makeup, making him unsuitable for the then wartime. However, his stubbornness and undying desire to serve his country just like his father before him, and his friends touched an ex-nazi doctor who finally made his wishes of serving the army come true (Johnston et al., 2011). Rogers passed the army training and volunteered to receive a top-secret serum that transformed him into a “super-soldier.” He joined the U.S. Army, and even though his career was not what he had envisioned, he broke the shackles and embarked on a career of enthusiastic Nazi-bashing (Roach, 2022).

Another reason why Captain America is my favorite superhero is his personality. In every Marvel series, the character Captain America appears, he is always extremely noble, honest, up-front, and unfailingly dependable to his team members as well as anyone else that required his protection. In addition, Rogers was always compassionate, rational, down-to-earth, and very perspective (Draven, 2021). This was crucial because his strengths were never creativity or brilliance compared to Stark or Banner for example. This allowed him the ability to step in and lead individuals in the Avengers team with complex skill sets, strengths, weaknesses, and personalities.

Captain America’s fighting techniques and skills also make him my favorite superhero. Unlike others with Godly powers like Thor, Rogers was just a human with too much strength and pace. His fighting skills are therefore limited to that of a normal human, making him relatable (Brown et al., 2017). Just like Vikings of old Captain America did not have a titanium exoskeleton for protection, just a simple suit, and shield.

Last but not least, Captain America is my favorite superhero because of his leadership skills. Rogers possessed all the qualities of a true leader from the moment we are introduced to him. When hard choices had to be made in the team, he did it without compromise (Johnston et al., 2011). It was such qualities that inspired his teammates and gave them the will to fight in many instances. More importantly, just like any true leader, Rogers was willing to have a successor by passing the mantle of Captain America to Sam Wilson, the Falcon, who had long fought by Rogers’s side since he woke up from the ice.


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