Is Using Essay Bot Cheating? Should You Hire a Human to Write your Essay?

Automation and artificial intelligence are becoming the order of the day in performing various tasks. The reason for this transformation is the AI’s ability to handle major and multiple functions within a short period.

Recently, AI has been introduced in writing articles, assignments, essays, and many other forms of writing.

Today, Essay writing bots, for example, Essay Bot, are already generating thousands of articles for students and businesses.

However, there are still questions on the effectiveness and legality of some of these writing bots. Will the generated Essay give you a good grade? and is using Essay Bot cheating?

Read through this article and get a grasp of these issues.

Is Using Essay Bot Cheating?

Using essay bot to assist you in writing an essay is cheating. Essay bot works by rephrasing information from different sources and allowing students to present it as their own work.

As such, the student is not involved in the essay writing process which includes: researching, writing an outline, writing the essay, and proofreading.

  • Provide a topic or a title to the tool
  • The AI will use the information in its database to yield content related to the provided topic
  • The service will guide you on referencing and essay structuring.

However, the content yielded is rephrased using synonyms to ensure it passes through a plagiarism checker.

If used properly, Essay bot makes grammatically correct essays.

However, the AI does offer contradicting information and is incapable of writing high-quality essays from a human being’s point of view.

Its users have reported getting very good introduction paragraphs up to 150 words. However, the content degenerates after that and the essay soon loses direction.

Can I Get in Trouble for Using Essay Bot?

You can get into trouble when you use Essay Bot. Essay Bot rephrases paragraphs from original sources to beat plagiarism checkers by applying synonyms. The result may be paraphrased sections that are not readable and not coherent.

Essay Bot does not engage the services of writers or editors; it employs AI. Artificial intelligence does the writing, editing, and proofreading.

It is hard to ascertain the quality of such work when no human has been involved in creating it.

The content produced will be plagiarism-free but, in most cases, difficult to read and follow through. To avoid trouble, hire a real human to write your essay.

Will My Professor Know if I Used Essay Bot?

Your professor will not know if you used Essay Bot when you use the service properly. Essay Bot is able to eliminate plagiarism and generate unique content.

The only problem is that your professor might award you a poor grade for your Essay.

The reason is that Essay Bot might produce a report that is not readable, whose sentence structuring is not cohesive or even contain contradicting information.

Edit the Essay Bot-generated work before you submit it to your professor. Editing ensures that you correct the mistakes the service will have left out.

In the end, your professor will not be able to detect any links that connect your essay to Essay Bot.

Does Turnitin Detect Essay Bot?

Turnitin does not detect Essay Bot. The plagiarism checker detects similarity and plagiarism in your Essay, which Essay Bot bypasses effectively through paraphrasing.

This tool paraphrases content, a paragraph at a time which makes the rephrasing thorough.

If you encounter problems in introducing or concluding phrases, Essay Bot advises you on possible synonyms and sentences to use and how to structure them.

After completing the Essay, Essay Bot traces grammatical and spelling errors.

This tool also checks for plagiarism using its forthcoming plagiarism checker. Additionally, it would also create a citation page or a bibliography for your Essay.

All of the above aspects are employed to ensure that the final content is unique and plagiarism-free. Therefore, Turnitin cannot detect similarity and plagiarism in such work.

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Is Essay Bot Work Plagiarized?

Essay Bot’s work is not plagiarized. This tool rephrases content paragraph by paragraph and leaves the generated content plagiarism-free.

Essay Bot is completely automated to produce unique content within a short time.

You will enter your Essay’s topic or keyword, and this tool will generate the Essay’s paragraphs from the information in its database.

The Essay produced is unique.

With the help of artificial intelligence, this tool suggests different ways to structure your phrases and words.

Additionally, Essay Bot has an inbuilt plagiarism checker to ensure content generated is plagiarism-free.

Will I be Flagged for Plagiarism if I Used Essay Bot?

You will not be flagged for plagiarism if you accurately use Essay Bot. Essay Bot will provide you with various suggestions for different phrases. If you apply the correct expression in your work, then you cannot be flagged for plagiarism.

Plagiarism is using someone else’s words, phrases, or thoughts as your own. Essay Bot is meant to overcome such plagiarism and similarity issues through paraphrasing and the use of different synonyms.

For your assignment to stay clear of plagiarism, you must edit your work before you submit it.

Essay Bot can recycle information from already written essays in its database and present it as original work.

In such a case, you will be flagged off for plagiarism.

Can AI Write an Essay?

Artificial intelligence can compose a full essay. Natural language generation, a technology used by AI, is already being used to create essays for college students using websites like essay bot. 

Different writing tools that employ AI can do everything from fine-tuning the rough edges of an essay, structuring sentences, and providing a smoother flow of ideas in your Essay.

For example, you could use Essay Bot to write an essay, fine-tune its grammar using Grammarly, and enhance its flow by using Hemingway.

All three tools employ AI.

The problem with AI is that its algorithms will employ the limited information in its database to generate a fully composed essay.

The algorithms use the key in keyword or topic to write an essay without fully interpreting the subject it is writing about. The result is an article that is not coherent.

However, a symbiosis partnership between humans and AI can produce quality work in the shortest time possible.

Artificial intelligence will generate an essay draft, and the human will fine-tune the draft by editing it.

Will My Professor Know if I Used an AI to Write an Essay?

Your professor will certainly know if you used an AI to write your Essay. Despite the generated content being plagiarism-free, the Essay will be full of ridiculous words and sentence structures. Such content will not be coherent, and a careful professor will certainly take note.

Artificial intelligence is very efficient at matching patterns. It can only generate articles from previously written essays in its database and not new content from scratch.

The bot uses the provided keyword to search for what it considers to be pertinent paragraphs.

It then rewrites the paragraphs through spinning to hide similarities between the two texts.

Is it Better to Hire a Human Essay Writer?

It is a better idea to hire a human essay writer. A human writer clearly understands the art of argument, persuasion, and storytelling in writing an essay.

Additionally, a human writer has actual intelligence, a feature that artificial intelligence lacks.

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That said, below is a list of additional reasons why human essay writers are better than AI;

  • Human essay writers are critical thinkers

A human essay writer can research extensively on the topic to broaden his/her understanding. Additionally, they can evaluate the researched information and focus on the relevant content to users.

  • Human writers have emotional intelligence

Human writers can effectively put themselves in the shoes of writers even if the content is opposed to their personal opinions.

Emotional intelligence is something that AI lacks.

  • Human writers possess good communication skills

A human writer can effectively persuade in their writing.

However, AI does not contain this subtle feature.


Although AI can write plagiarism-free essays, the pieces are not cohesive enough to be awarded a good grade.

Essay writing bots save your time by generating content in a timely period.

However, there are still many questions on the legality and authenticity of such writing bots.

One of them being:is using Essay Bot cheating?

And yes using this bot to write essays is cheating and while it will save you time, it is not worth the risk of getting a failing grade.