Conclusion for an Opinion Essay: Tips for Crafting Your Conclusion

One of the tasks you should accomplish when writing an opinion essay is crafting the conclusion. The most used technique for this process is restating your thesis using different phrases and ending with a final impression. Surprisingly, most people still get it all wrong. I will help change that by sharing tips on how to craft a conclusion for an opinion essay, the conclusion paragraph outline, and a conclusion example.

Please read further and master the art of composing a unique and compelling opinion essay conclusion and get the grade you deserve.

What Is An Opinion Essay Conclusion?

The conclusion is the last paragraph of all papers/essays. It helps summarize your arguments and thesis. The audience gets to see why your ideas matter to them. Failure to include a conclusion for your opinion essay will lead to the deduction of points because it is an integral part of the entire piece.

The Significance of Knowing How to End Your Opinion Essay

A conclusion provides a platform for closure and helps drive the key points home one last time. You get the final chance to impress by helping the reader understand why your ideologies matter. Ideally, give your readers something to think about after they read your opinion essay.

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It is also wise to end your opinion paper on a positive note. Don’t introduce new ideas because they might confuse the reader about your main objective. The aim is to paraphrase your thesis, summarize your body paragraphs and provide a final impression.

Conclusion Paragraph Outline

There is no limit to the number of sentences in the conclusion of your opinion essay. However, the minimum should be three. The total number gets determined by the number of paragraphs in your paper. Additionally, ensure the conclusion is not long because it is just a summary.

Below is the recommended conclusion paragraph outline.

1. Opening Statement

State your thesis statement using different words. For example, under this topic;

  • Thesis: How to write a conclusion for your opinion essay.
  • Paraphrased: The various ways of ending your opinion essay.

2. Summary of Main Points

Analyze your arguments, list them, and show how they prove your thesis.


An effective conclusion outlines your thesis statement and key points. It sums up the whole paper with a call to action to help engage the reader’s mind.

3. Concluding Statement

The concluding statement is the last sentence of an opinion essay. It helps provide closure and should connect your audience back to the introduction. You may also ask the reader to perform a task so that they experience your argument firsthand.


To help you craft a perfect conclusion, try the above techniques and get the assurance of better results.

You now have the definition of a conclusion paragraph, its significance, and the outline. Let’s look at some strategies you can implement to make it more outstanding.

Tips for Crafting Your Conclusion

First, you can paraphrase the introduction to help the reader understand your logic. It helps prove your point and also lets the main idea stick. Everyone wants to read something understandable.

Secondly, you can make a prediction. It helps emphasize the importance of your opinions and gives the reader something to think about in the future. Use words such as if and when to support your claims.


If you try the above techniques, craft a unique and compelling conclusion.

I hope you have gained the confidence to craft a pitch-perfect conclusion because you have the structure and tips. However, there are a few things you need to avoid, or else you will ruin the whole learning experience. They include;

  • Don’t incorporate new ideas. Just summarize your thesis and main points.
  • Do not outline all the details because you have already explained them in the body paragraphs.

Also, remember that you are crafting an opinion essay and are allowed to share personal thoughts. It makes sense if you conclude the paper by picking a side.

Final Take

Writing a conclusion for an opinion paper is straightforward. Restate your thesis, summarize the key points, and have a concluding statement. With the above strategies, you get the guarantee of ending your paper like an expert and, consequently, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.