Sophia Courses With Touchstones. How Long Does Sophia Take to Grade Touchstones?

Online learning has over the past few years gained a lot of popularity. Students across the world prefer to study remotely due to the benefits that online learning affords them.

Furthermore, with the introduction of self-paced courses, more students are willing to take up online courses due to the flexibility they offer.

Sophia learning is one of the biggest educational platforms offering self-paced courses. These courses allow students to earn credit for their college degree.

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However, while the courses are self-paced some have touchstones that have to be graded by human instructors. The instructors usually take some days to grade the touchstones thereby slowing down the pace at which you can complete the course.

In this article, we look at the Sophia courses with touchstones and also give the number of touchstones each course has to help you make an informed decision when choosing your preferred courses.

Which Sophia courses have touchstones?

Below is a table that lists all the Sophia learning courses with touchstones and the number of touchstones each course has.

Sophia Course Number of touchstones
Business Law3
Principles of Management 
Principles of Management 1
Principles of Management 
IT Career Exploration2
Communication at Work1
Discover the Writer in You5
English Composition I5
English Composition II7
Foundations of English Composition2
Public Speaking4
The Power of Persuasion6
Ancient Greek Philosophers1
Approaches to Studying Religions3
College Readiness1
Introduction to Sociology: Embracing Diversity and Collaboration 
Introduction to Sociology: Embracing Diversity and Collaboration 2
Introduction to Sociology: Embracing Diversity and Collaboration 
Preparing for the Future of Work2
Smarter Decisions Through Psychology3
Taking Charge of Your Economic Future2
U.S. History: Learn from the Past, Prepare for the Future3

From the table, the course with the highest number of touchstones is English Composition II which has a total of 7 touchstones. Power of persuasion comes in second with 6 touchstones followed closely by English Composition I and Discover the writer in you which both have 5 touchstones.

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The courses with the least number of touchstones include principles of management, communication at work, and college readiness which have 1 touchstone each.

We have also compiled a list of the easiest Sophia learning courses for your perusal.

What does Sophia touchstones mean?

A touchstone is basically an assignment that is done in essay format that has to be handed in for grading by an instructor.

Unlike milestones and finals which are graded automatically, and the results issued immediately, touchstones have to be graded by instructors. As such, it can take a few days to grade a touchstone depending on the workload of the instructors.

A rubric is usually provided to guide the student to write the touchstone/essay. Sophia also provides the number of words or pages needed for the assignment.

How long does Sophia take to grade touchstones?

Sophia learning takes around 7 working days to grade touchstones.

However, during the busy period, they take more time up to 14 days to grade the touchstones. The opposite is also true, during periods when they are not very busy, they can take up to 2 working days to grade the touchstones.

Sophia pathways is also kind enough to send an email notification when they grade a touchstone.

You can also log in to your account to see the feedback and the grade awarded once the touchstone is graded.

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For courses like English Composition, the feedback is important as some touchstones have to be revised. As such the feedback provided, by the instructor is crucial and should be taken into account when doing the revision.

Does Sophia use plagiarism checkers like Turnitin for touchstones?

Sophia uses plagiarism detection software to find students who cheat in their touchstones.

While Sophia has not come out openly to state which plagiarism detection software they use, they state that “plagiarism of any kind is prohibited”.

As such, it is important to make sure that all touchstones are written from scratch and the necessary sources properly referenced and cited.

This will ensure that you do not get into any trouble with your institution for plagiarism.

Are Sophia instructors tough graders?

Generally, Sophia’s instructors are fair graders and will usually give good grades.

However, to be on the safe side, it is important to make sure that you follow the instructions provided to ensure that you score the highest possible marks. That way you will be sure to score a good grade.

Remember, the points awarded in the touchstones do count in the final grade. As such give this your best shot.

How long does it take to complete Sophia courses with touchstones?

Typically, it will take a month to complete a Sophia course that has touchstones.

However, if the touchstones are many like in the case of English Composition II. This may go up to 2 months.

Should you avoid Sophia courses with touchstones?

You should avoid Sophia courses with touchstones if you have a tight schedule.

However, if you have no rush, you can take the courses with touchstones and complete them with no rush.

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The courses will take more time to complete but you will also learn more and get to practice what you have learned.

Remember, if you are going to college, you should not avoid touchstones because you will have to write many essays, research papers, and term papers in college.

Can I get help with Sophia touchstones?

You can get help with Sophia touchstones by hiring an experienced writer to complete the touchstone for you.

This way you are assured of getting a plagiarism-free paper that will earn you good grades. The turnaround time is usually 3 days, and they do revisions for free.

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Will I get caught by Sophia for cheating?

If you use a reputable service Sophia will never know that you cheated.

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