Is Using Google Translate Cheating?

How not to get caught using Google translate, Can teachers tell when you have used Google translate, Can Safeassign detect Google translate, Can Turnitin detect Google translate

Google translate is Google’s multilingual translation machine which was launched in the year 2006. It is a free service that google users use to translate from one language to another. The service is able to translate text, speech and even text from images. It is estimated that close to 500 million people use the service … Read more

Is My Source Credible? is Mayo clinic credible? is CDC credible? is WEBMD credible? and more 

Can I use PBS in my essay or research paper, Is PBS a credible source, Can I use Goodreads in my essay or research paper, Is Goodreads a credible source, Can I use Time Magazine in my essay or research paper, Is Time magazine a credible source, Can I use Mayo Clinic in my essay or research paper, Is Mayo Clinic a credible source, Can I use NPR in my essay or research paper, Is NPR a credible source, Can I use in my essay or research paper, Is a credible source, Can I use the CDC in my essay or research paper, Is CDC a credible source, Can I use Bizfluent in my essay or researcher paper, Is Bizfluent a credible source, Can I use Ballotpedia in my essay or research paper, Is Ballotpedia a credible source, Can I use the BBC in my essay or research paper, Is BBC a credible source, Can I use in my essay or research paper, Is a credible source, Can I use WebMD in my essay or research paper, Is WebMD a credible source, Can I use Healthline in my essay or research paper, Is Healthline a credible source, Why should you use scholarly sources in your essays and research papers, What’s a scholarly source

Essays and research papers demand exquisite writing skills and high-level research, to get the best topics and ideas. You must have excellent research skills. Failure to that, all your efforts will amount to nothing. A crucial part of the research process is identifying a credible source. It is not a complicated process, but that does … Read more

Is The Encyclopedia Britannica A Credible Source?

Is the encyclopedia Britannica a reliable source of information, Can the encyclopedia Britannica be used as a source for college papers, Is the encyclopedia Britannica a scholarly source, Is the encyclopedia Britannica a valid source, How do you tell if a scholarly source is legit, What is a scholarly source, What is a credible source

Most students ask “is the encyclopedia Britannica a credible source?” But before that it is important to understand its history. The encyclopedia Britannica is an English-based online encyclopedia. It is also available in printed books. It was first published by Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. in 1768. Past owners include Scotland printers Andrew Bell and Collin Macfarquhar, … Read more

Is Cheating Bad In College?

Can a university professor accuse a student of cheating without proof, What happened after you got caught cheating, What is the punishment if you are caught cheating in college

Several arguments have been advanced about how cheating is college is bad or how cheating in college is good. However, the truth is college life is tedious and requires the utmost control and management. Balancing between your studies and other activities like sports and leisure can be challenging. In this blog, we find out: is … Read more

College Hacks for International Students Studying in NEW ZEALAND

Find an Essay Writer if you’re a Foreign Scholar in New Zealand, essay writers in newzealandAcademic Challenges in New Zealand, Language of Communication in New Zealand, New Zealand’s Student Accommodation Choices, Way of Life in New Zealand, Student Visa Requirements in New Zealand, hacks for international students studying in newzealand

It’s hard being a student. However, it’s harder to be a foreign student. Being a scholar in your native country is somewhat easy, but it’s harder studying in another country. New Zealand isn’t distinct from other overseas countries. It gives that cultural shock for foreign scholars and other many challenges when studying overseas. As a … Read more

Is copying homework cheating?

Is sharing homework cheating, Is giving someone answers cheating, My friend copied my assignment: am I in trouble, Consequences of copying assignment, What happens if someone copies your assignment, Is letting someone copy your homework cheating, get help with your assignment, Is getting help on an assignment cheating, Why do learners copy homework

There are reasons why an instructor gives the assignment to be done individually. They include enhancing responsibility in the learner, improving thinking and memory, way of revising what the teacher has taught in the classroom, enhances time management skills, etc. Therefore, copying homework is a way of earning a good score, but the student fails … Read more

Is paraphrasing cheating?

is paraphrasing cheating, can turnitin detect paraphrasing, can safeassign detect paraphrasing, can unicheck detect paraphrasing

In one way or another, we have found ourselves paraphrasing. However, one question that always lingers in the back of our minds is: is paraphrasing cheating? In this blog, we seek answers to this question. What is paraphrasing?  Paraphrasing is changing or rewriting a text in your own words. The result should not alter the … Read more

How to Cheat Urkund Plagiarism Checker

how to beat urkund, how not to cheat urkund How does Urkund work

What is Urkund? Many students ask the question: ‘how to cheat/beat urkund’? But what is urkund? Urkund is one of the most sought-after ingenuity checking and plagiarism recognition service. It was developed by the Prio Infocenter AB group. It was created for tutors and professors who require an additional tool to determine originality of papers. … Read more

Can Google Classroom Detect Cheating?

can google classroom detect cheating, google classroom plagiarism checker, how to beat google classroom, how to cheat google classroom

In August 2014, a web-based platform was launched as a tool to ease teachers work and make learning easier. Google has changed the learning sector by improving how teachers and learners interact. Teachers and students can get all they need in one platform, making everything easy for them. Unlike the traditional methods of learning such … Read more

Learn how to beat Unicheck- 6 Proven Ways

Unicheck Vs. Grammarly Plagiarism Check, Unicheck vs. Turnitin Plagiarism Checker, how to cheat unicheck

Are you looking for a way to cheat Unicheck? According to a study by Psychological Record, about 36% of university students have admitted to plagiarizing their academic written material. Acts of Plagiarism have been around since ages, but the word “plagiarism” was put in the dictionary about 250 years ago. Each year, new cases of … Read more