Does SafeAssign Flag References?

does safeassign flag references

Today, there are numerous tools that students, professors, and professional writers use to detect possible cases of plagiarism in their submissions. An excellent example of such tools is SafeAssign, a widely accepted software used in both educational institutions and publishing companies. Professors find it an essential tool to help detect and prevent plagiarism among the … Read more

How Does Turnitin Work?

Plagiarism has always been a prevalent issue among institutions of learning and publishing companies. It is a vice that involves using someone else’s work, for example, a portion of their written and published work or their ideas, and submitting them as your own without giving them proper credit anyhow. Educators and publishers have had problems … Read more

StraighterLine Vs. WGU

straigherline vs western governors university

In today’s world, the education sector has seen numerous tremendous changes in terms of the delivery of different educational services. For example, the establishment and widespread of the internet has facilitated a massive shift from the traditional way of learning where students have to attend physical classes and sit for their exams in person. The … Read more

8 Tips To Help You Reduce Turnitin Similarity

how to reduce similarity in turnitin

As you may already know, Plagiarism involves reusing someone else’s content and ideas and submitting them as your own. This vice is a form of cheating that most teachers and professors might have found challenging to eliminate, especially in the past. Today, with the establishment and spread of the internet, instructors and students are better … Read more

Is StraighterLine Easy? How to Pass StraighterLine Courses

is straighterline easy

Are StraighterLine Courses Easy? Yes, StraighterLine courses are easy. Being an online platform that offers educational services, most students who undertake online courses through StraighterLine consider it pretty convenient compared to undertaking the same courses in a traditional institution of higher learning. First, StraighterLine is pretty straightforward with the cost and provision of its courses … Read more

Does Turnitin Detect Self Plagiarism? Can a Student Self Plagiarize?

can turnitin detect self plagiarism

What is Self-Plagiarism? In the publishing arena, self-plagiarism is the act of recycling identical or nearly identical sections of text from your own previously published paper, without properly acknowledging the original work. It is wrong to reuse your previously published work because by doing so, you will be presenting old ideas and purporting the text … Read more

Using Contractions in an Essay: Can you use Contractions in An Essay?

can you use contractions in academic essays

In today’s world, numerous things continue to change, concerning how people use different language features to communicate, either through speaking or in writing. For example, nowadays, people are using emojis when writing and texting, especially through digital platforms. In addition, the use of contractions in different forms of writing has been on the rise. Nevertheless, … Read more

StraighterLine Vs. Portage Learning: Which One Should You Choose?

portage vs straighterline

The need for numerous students to access different educational services without going to the traditional schools has led to the establishment of different online educational platforms. Today, a large portion of college students do not have to attend physical schools and classes to complete their courses, thanks to online platforms such as StraighterLine, Coursehero, Coursera, … Read more

Spinbot vs. QuillBot – Which Is the Best Paraphrasing Software?

spinbbot vs quillbot - which is better

Artificial intelligence is gradually gracing the world of writing. Writing has now become a straightforward task through the invention of conventional paraphrasing software. Spinbot and QuillBot fall under this category as they help writers rephrase parts or entire texts in a short duration. However, choosing the right paraphrasing tool is not so straightforward. The below … Read more

Does Turnitin Check Quizlet? Can Turnitin Detect Flashcards?

can turnitin detect flashcards

Issues to do with plagiarism have always been a major concern in different institutions of learning such as high schools, colleges, and universities. It is a prevalent issue in the publishing arena too. Plagiarism is a serious form of cheating because it involves submitting someone else’s published work as your own without giving them the … Read more