Does Blackboard Check for Plagiarism?

does blackboard detect plagiarism

Every individual can tell that the world is moving away from the contemporary way of doing things to online services. One sector that continues to experience this shift is the education sector. Today, most educational institutions are leaning towards e-learning with the help of digital applications such as Blackboard, whose main aim is to ease … Read more

Can You Use Footnotes in Harvard Referencing?

does harvard refencing use footnotes

Plagiarism and violation of copyright-related laws are serious irregularities to commit in the education and publishing arenas. These irregularities are forms of cheating, a severe violation of academic integrity. One of the proven methods of avoiding plagiarism is referencing your work. Referencing involves acknowledging the authors and source documents from which you generated your content … Read more

Do College Students Have Free Time?: What College Students Do in Their Free Time

do college students have free time

Everyone may be aware of the phrase ‘work without play makes a dull person’. This statement is especially true for learners, whether in kindergarten, middle school, high school, or the students in college. Students need adequate free time to develop their talents and advance in other crucial extracurricular activities outside the classroom. There is a … Read more

How to Cheat on ProctorU Exams

how to cheat proctorU exams

The conventional way of learning has always been for students to sit in a classroom with a tutor teaching them physically. However, this norm has changed due to the technological advancement in most learning institutions, especially in high schools and colleges worldwide. Today, students do not need to attend physical classes. Armed with a computer … Read more

 Can SafeAssign detect QuillBot?: Can SafeAssign Detect Paraphrasing?

does safeassign detect quillbot

Plagiarism has always been a major menace in the academic world and publishing sector. After being caught having submitted plagiarized papers, numerous professional writers, researchers, and students have found themselves in a tight spot. With the widespread technology globally, this menace is spreading at an even more tenacious rate, with people using paraphrasing tools like … Read more

Anki Vs. Quizlet: Which is Better?

quizlet vs anki which is better

Attending lectures and holding group discussions as a part of your study plan is essential in the study life of every individual student. However, the amount and quality of private reading make the difference. Every person is aware that a lot of the academic content students learn at their various schools needs memorization, whether it … Read more

Can SafeAssign Check YouTube Videos?: Can SafeAssign Detect YouTube Subtitles?

safeassign check youtube

SafeAssign is popular plagiarism detecting software, especially for students, educators, and professional writers. This software employs a robust AI algorithm that matches the submitted document against its large repository of previously submitted papers, journals, periodicals, internet documents, and publications. After text matching, SafeAssign generates a plagiarism report that indicates the level of plagiarism in the … Read more

How to Reduce Similarity on SafeAssign

reduce plagiarism SafeAssign

SafeAssign is one of the most popular and powerful plagiarism detecting software that students and professors use to check the originality of different written pieces. This software compares the submitted work against its rich paper repository and other internet sources. After doing so, SafeAssign generates a plagiarism score which could be low, medium, or high. … Read more

Is Sophia Learning Worth It: Pros and Cons of Sophia Learning 

is sophia worth it

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or student looking to beef up your child’s or your college degree, there are several ways. However, some of the methods are not recognized or accredited, which might cause you problems with authenticating your certificates in the future. Nowadays, technology has enhanced learning on different levels. It is possible to … Read more

Do College Students Use Backpacks? Best Backpacks For students

Do college students use backpacks

One of the most common items in a student’s possession is a backpack. And it is not a coincidence that virtually every student has one. These bags provide convenience, especially with the movements from one lecture hall to another and the different stuff needed for these classes. However, if you are a freshman, you might … Read more