Gifts For Good Grades

gifts for smart students

Gifting your kid, teen, friend, spouse, or colleague in school can seem simple, but technically it is not. If it were simple, you would probably give them a good grade. Whether for tests, projects, the end of the year, or any other, a gift goes a long way in showing your appreciation. Whichever way you … Read more

Are Sophia Learning Exams Proctored

sophia milestone proctored

Many colleges, universities, and testing centers require that students take exams independently with little to no help. The only exceptions are when a proctor is in the room monitoring their progress. If you’ve never taken an online exam before, it’s natural to ask if it’s a proctored test, especially if it’s an important exam like … Read more

Is It Plagiarism to Use the Same Essay Twice?

use same essay for two classes

Everyone knows that committing plagiarism is a severe academic misconduct that is punishable in accordance with the law. Plagiarism is considered unethical because the writer fails to acknowledge the original source, thereby using other people’s work and presenting it as their own. Educational institutions and publishing firms continue to fight any form of plagiarism. Nevertheless, … Read more

 Is Kahoot Cheating? Does Kahoot Notify Your School?

cheating on kahoot

Due to technological advancements in the recent past, the education sector has experienced tremendous changes. These changes involve shifting traditional teaching and learning methods to new ones. Today, teachers and their students can interact virtually through the help of technological education platforms such as Kahoot. However, besides their multiple benefits, some stakeholders consider them cheating … Read more

 How to Get References for a Research Paper

references for research paper

Referencing, also known as a citation, is a means of recognizing and crediting someone’s work that you may have utilized in writing your paper. In writing academic and research papers, referencing is vital because it helps avoid plagiarism, a major ethical vice. Moreover, referencing enables the papers’ readers to identify the original research sources so … Read more

Does Blackboard Check for Plagiarism?

does blackboard detect plagiarism

Every individual can tell that the world is moving away from the contemporary way of doing things to online services. One sector that continues to experience this shift is the education sector. Today, most educational institutions are leaning towards e-learning with the help of digital applications such as Blackboard, whose main aim is to ease … Read more

Can You Use Footnotes in Harvard Referencing?

does harvard refencing use footnotes

Plagiarism and violation of copyright-related laws are serious irregularities to commit in the education and publishing arenas. These irregularities are forms of cheating, a severe violation of academic integrity. One of the proven methods of avoiding plagiarism is referencing your work. Referencing involves acknowledging the authors and source documents from which you generated your content … Read more

Do College Students Have Free Time?: What College Students Do in Their Free Time

do college students have free time

Everyone may be aware of the phrase ‘work without play makes a dull person’. This statement is especially true for learners, whether in kindergarten, middle school, high school, or the students in college. Students need adequate free time to develop their talents and advance in other crucial extracurricular activities outside the classroom. There is a … Read more