Do Professors Care About Students Cheating?

According to a recent survey, tutors are less concerned now than when the pandemic first started about learners cheating in virtual courses. We all understand, however, that professors and academic institutions generally disapprove of students who cheat. It is the reason they implement steps to spot cheating and any efforts to violate academic integrity. Nevertheless, … Read more

Why Teachers Don’t Like Wikipedia

Sometimes finding sources for your essay and research papers can be challenging. And with multiple web pages, you can be tempted to use anything, which will most likely dent your writing and academic reputation. Among the many information sources not recommended by teachers is Wikipedia. Even though it ranks high in particular search results in … Read more

How Long Should a Statement of Purpose Be?

The statement of purpose, or SOP, is a short essay that students write to accompany their college applications. It’s meant to show admission officers that you’re the right fit for their program. Additionally, this statement involves your take on life, goals, and beliefs. The question then is, what is the length of a statement of … Read more

How to Cite a Whole Paragraph

cite paragraph mla

In the academic writing world, you cannot escape citing your sources. Citations allow you to give credit where credit is due and allows others to verify your research. In addition, citing your sources will help readers determine if the information you present is accurate and reliable. And despite the clear importance of citing, many students … Read more

Hypothesis vs. Thesis

hypothesis vs thesis similarities

Once in a while, before settling into your academic life, you will often confuse a hypothesis and a thesis statement. But it is not you only. Many other students also find it hard to differentiate between these two terms. You may even use the two terms interchangeably without knowing they mean different things. And when … Read more

Abstract Vs. Introduction

abstract vs introduction similarities

In your research paper writing journey or any other piece of writing, two parts stand out; an abstract and the introduction. And for many students, these two seem similar. But while they have an overlap, they are ways apart different. Their similarities range from information contained and that they are found at the beginning of … Read more

Do You Capitalize Race in Writing?

race in research paper

Writers must use language thoughtfully as our awareness of race, ethnic background, and socio-economic status develops. You must adhere to general writing rules to guarantee that your wording is impartial when you write. For instance, “race” is a social concept, not a biological fact. Consequently, how we write about it counts. While there are a … Read more

Undergraduate vs. Masters vs. Ph.D. Thesis

masters vs pdh thesis

Whether an undergraduate or postgraduate student, differentiating undergraduate vs. master vs. Ph.D. thesis is critical, however, the three writing pieces are constantly confused due to their many similarities. But to stand out and be an excellent academician, you must differentiate them. But how can you do that, and what are their differences? This detailed post … Read more

How to Write a Company/ Business Name in an Essay

write business name in essay

You must adhere to specific guidelines when writing a paper for a high school class, a college degree, or a career job. Although most learners are sufficiently familiar with these guidelines, concerns may still exist. Some guidelines are either complex or unknown. For instance, how do you write a company name in a document? Remember, … Read more

How Old Can Sources Be for a Research Paper

how old can sources be

Whether doing research for a paper or simply looking for information about a topic, it’s vital to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date. This is important because information keeps on changing, especially with technological advancements. Furthermore, what can be factual today can easily be obsolete tomorrow. Thus looking at your source’s age is crucial … Read more

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