Can I survive college if I am bad at writing essays?

You just got that acceptance letter to your dream college. Your friends and family are happy that you finally get a chance to attend the college of your dreams.

This is your chance to pursue your dream, and in just 3 or 4 more years, you are done.

Yes, the end is now near after close to 15 years of learning and going to school every day.

However, your joy is short-lived as you remember how bad you are at writing essays and how much you struggle writing essays. And you ask the question: can I survive college if I am bad at writing essays?

Your college application essay was hard enough to write.

Now you have to survive 3 years in college writing essays before you graduate.

You struggled writing essays in high school, and now in college, you know essays are an integral part of learning.

Essays are important in college as they assist instructors in measuring critical thinking, how well you understand the course material, how well you can structure and organize your arguments, and learn how to incorporate real-life situations in your studies.

Writing essays in college is important, and at this point in your life, you will have to write and submit essays, discussion posts, research papers, and term papers every week.

Sometimes you will have to submit several papers in a week.

Can I survive college if I am bad at writing essays?

You can survive college if you are bad at writing essays, as most colleges have writing tutors to help you improve your writing. In addition, institutions of higher learning have writing centers to help struggling students learn how to write. As a last result, you can also hire a professional essay writer to be writing essays for you.

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While surviving college when you are bad at writing essays is hard, it’s by all means possible.

Most institutions understand that there might be among their students who have a hard time writing essays. Knowing the importance of writing in college, colleges and universities have writing tutors.

Writing tutors are there to help students who struggle writing essays.

In addition, some have writing centers, where students can be offered guidance on how to improve their writing before submitting the essays for marking.

Hiring someone to write your essays may also solve this problem.

A professional essay writer will have the right knowledge on how to compose A-grade papers.

You will only part with a few coins, and this allows you the freedom to focus on the things you like while in college.

Your hired essay writer will work around the clock to ensure they submit high-quality, plagiarism-free work that will earn you good grades.

You only need to furnish them with the instructions and the course materials, and you can sit and relax as they complete your essay.

Should I give up in college because I hate writing?

You should not give up in college because you hate writing. You should instead seek help from the writing center and writing tutors from your institution. In addition, you can hire someone to write your essays for you.

At this point, giving up should never be an option.

Why? Because the end is near, you are almost at the finishing line. After close to 15 years of studying, you now need just to endure 3 more years, and you are done with your college education.

You should seek help first from your institution. This means that you can talk to your professor, and they will match you with a writing coach who will work with you to improve your writing.

You should ask if them “if I can survive in college if I am bad at writing essays.” In addition, most institutions have college writing centers whose main aim is to work with students to improve their essays before submitting them for marking.

You can also seek to pay someone to write your essay. Paying an expert to write your essays will lift the burden from you, and you can concentrate on the things you love.

An expert will ensure that they submit a high-quality essay that is plagiarism-free and the best of it all is that your instructor will never find out.

They will handle all your personal information with strict confidentiality and will never share your information with anyone. So why wait? Order your plagiarism-free paper today.

Why am I not good at writing essays? How can I improve?

You are not good at writing essays because you have not taken time and effort to perfect the art of writing. While essay writing is not a walk in the park, with the right knowledge and expertise, you can improve your writing with time.

Most college freshmen struggle with academic writing in their first days in college.

While others might be lucky and learned a few tricks while still in high school, a majority are new at academic writing.

However, you need to quickly get your hands dirty and learn how to write essays, as this will be your lifeblood in college.

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How to improve if I am not good at writing essays

First, you need to acknowledge that you are struggling with writing essays.

This is usually the first step of getting help, accepting that you are not good at writing, and approaching people who are willing and able to help.

Second: you need to talk to your instructor about the problem you are facing.

They will offer help by either personally coaching you or referring you to a mentor or coach who will work closely with you to improve your writing.

Third, you need to find a support group of students or peers who can help you improve your writing.

Students are more likely to understand you since they have most likely been in the same position as you and, would be better placed to offer guidance.

Some of them might have been in your shoes at some point when starting college, so they are likely to understand you better.

Fourth: you can hire an essay writer. A professional essay writer will write your essays from scratch while avoiding any instances of plagiarism.

Professional essay writers have learned and mastered the art of writing essays.

They are your perfect bet if you are struggling to write essays.


In the blog post, we answer the question: will I survive in college If I am bad at writing essays? We look at how you survive in college if you are bad at writing.

As a student, you can contact your instructor for them to assign a mentor or coach that will work with you closely to improve your writing.

You can also make use of the writing center, where they work with you to improve your writing before submitting your work for marking.

Finally, you can decide to hire a competent essay writer online who will write all your essays, research papers, term papers, and discussion posts.

This will allow you to focus on other things like preparing for exams and spending quality time with your friends and family and other extracurricular activities.

Remember, college life does not have to be boring.

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