How to Write a 500-Word Essay in 1 Hour

Managing time in college is a tricky affair as there are many activities to indulge in, both official and personal. For example, working a part-time job, attending classes, doing extra-curricular activities, completing assignments, and so much more.

Writing a 500-word essay can be overwhelming, especially if you want to save time to do something else.

I feel your pain. I have gone the extra mile to give you an insight on how to write a 500-word essay in 1 hour.

I will address the importance of effective time management, prior preparation, designing your draft/outline, and the time allocation for all sections of your essay.

How to write a 500-word essay in one hour-Important Factors to Consider

1. Plan Your Time

The title is clear. You only have one hour to complete your 500-word paper. Effective time management is of the essence. Jumping directly into writing can be catastrophic because you may end up spending more time on one section than required.

You may be having the best ideas but end up not completing the essay. Therefore, allocate each section and procedure reasonable time. We will cover in detail how much time each section should get.

 2. Prior Reading Does the Trick

Reading extensively and mastering content before writing your 500-word essay means that you have the itinerary to complete the task in a lesser time.

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A student starting from scratch will have a daunting task as they have no idea where to begin. You are also able to manage your time well, and the whole process tends to be easy.

Make sure you take notes as they are essential when crafting your draft.

Tips on how to write a 500-word essay in 1 hour

1. Create a Draft (10 Minutes)

Creating a draft gives you a blueprint for your essay. It forms the basis of the actual paper and, therefore, doesn’t have to be perfect. Put down all the ideas you have for your essay without putting much consideration into being correct.

There is no point in rereading your draft because you will have ample time to do that when crafting the main essay. The process should take ten minutes or less. A typical 500-word essay should have an average of three key points. Identify your key points and build your argumentation from them.

For authenticity, use reliable sources like:

  • Scientific journals
  • Reputable newspapers
  • Well-known specialists’ books
  • Web encyclopedias

Note down your sources and use them as citations.

Your draft should also feature an outline. It helps you structure multiple thoughts and gives an ideal platform to identify the right strategy for writing. Use diagrams, tables, and lists to visualize your essay.

2. Write Your Introduction (5 Minutes)

Now that you already have a draft and a clear understanding of the topic, it’s time to write a compelling introduction. Ensure your introductory paragraph covers the topic and states your perspective.

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Provide a brief roadmap of the key points to be covered in the main body. Doing so enlightens the reader of your intentions.

Ensure that you also include a thesis statement.

3. Write the Body Paragraphs (30 Minutes)

Refer to your draft when filling out the main body of your essay. Each paragraph should take less than 10 minutes. Guarantee readability and flow by addressing the main topic and your overall perspective in each paragraph.

Incorporate a few examples of your own to show the relevance of the main points, and then conclude each paragraph with a sentence that sums up the main point. Consequently, you help the reader transition to the other paragraph.

Capture the eagerness of the reader by using short precise sentences. I recommend a maximum of three to six sentences per paragraph.

Too long sentences can be overwhelming, and your reader may get lost midway. Do not incorporate a text that is not relevant to the main point.

4. Design Your Conclusion (5 Minutes)

The conclusion is an essential part of your essay as it sums up the main points of your paper. Clearly explain why it matters. Why should the reader care? What value does it add? Make sure you address the “so what” question.

Use the following strategies to write a conclusion:

  • Restate each section. It is the easiest way of finishing your essay. Your audience gets the clear picture in about two or three sentences.
  • Paraphrase the thesis statement. It is the surest way of leaving your readers fully satisfied. Do not repeat every word.
  • Ask a provocative question. An intriguing question prompts your audience to evaluate the topic by thinking outside the box. However, if it is a college paper, it may be inappropriate to end your essay with this strategy.
  • Provide a quote. Providing a quote from a famous scholar makes your work more credible.

 5. Proofreading and Editing (10 Minutes)

Submitting an essay that is not proofread leads to ultimate failure. As soon as you complete writing your essay, take 10 minutes to proofread and edit your work. Check on punctuation, grammar, overall structure, and flow.

Ensure your paper is authentic and plagiarism-free. If you used several sources to craft your essay, incorporate in-text citations and include a reference page at the end.

Helpful Tips When Writing Your 500-Word Essay

1. Ensure You Are Concise

Refrain from using phrases like “there are,” “there is,” and other phrases that add unnecessary words. Consequently, your sentences achieve conciseness and become stronger.

2. Learn Various Argumentative Strategies

Convincing an intellect can be overwhelming. Complex words are inadequate. Invest more in logical reasoning and avoid fallacies. Your audience should understand your thoughts without effort.

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3. Use Academic English Words

The surest way of sounding smart is avoiding using words like probably, something, and anyway. The dictionary should be your close ally while in college. Do not spam your essay with complex terms. Make sure you balance your vocabulary for your readers to have an easy reading and understanding.

4. Choose Strong Verbs

Instead of writing “give assistance,” use “assist’. The verbal form is compelling than its noun counterpart.

Can You Write 500 Words In 1 Hour?

Yes, you can. With proper planning, regular exercise, and prior reading, writing 500 words in 1 hour is possible.

College professors often give reasonable deadlines for you to submit work. If you engage in early research and craft a detailed draft, completing the 500-word essay becomes straightforward work.


You now know how to write a 500-word essay in 1 hour. In a recap, observe the following:

  • Take 10 minutes to design your draft
  • Write your introduction in 5 minutes
  • Write the main body in 30 minutes
  • Allocate 5 minutes for the conclusion
  • Proofread and edit your essay in 10 minutes